RGB LED Cylinder

[Dave Clausen] from NYC Resistor sent in his open source RGB LED cylinder. We have seen many cubes in the past (even one that display low-res 3D video) so a cylinder is certainly a new concept and the RGB LEDs are a nice upgrade. The LEDs are wired in a 5-way multiplexed grid using four TLC5940NTs (16 channel LED drivers with internal PWM hardware) so each light is individually addressable. The best thing about this project, of course, is that he has source and EAGLE schematics availbale for download and both are licensed under Creative Commons.

[via NYC Resistor]

9 thoughts on “RGB LED Cylinder

  1. You can already animate something like a tesseract on the cubes, but I think I know what you mean. I’m liking the idea of a cylinder. I think the 3d open-air television on the jetsons was constrained to something like a cylinder.

  2. a 3-d rgb dodecahedron might land you a spot on doctor who!

    In all seriousness this project rocks!
    I loved the 8-bit soundtrack it fit like an 8-bit power glove…

    This is the way to share projects.

    The only possible criticism I could offer would be to maybe take a second look at some of those solder joints around the outside, a couple looked a little like they could become trouble as the thing gets handled more and displayed.

    As someone who cooed over a single 7-color LED from rad schmack I really enjoyed this.

    thanks hackaday!

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