Simple Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod

Back in May we mentioned AcidMods’ spitfire mod that enabled rapid fire (amongst other things) and was undetectable by Xbox Live. The parts list was quite low, needing just a PIC16F84A and a few other components, which led to third parties selling controller mod kits on eBay. The AcidMods team has figured out a new way to enable rapid fire using just a momentary switch and the necessary wire to hook it up. All you need to do is wire in the switch between the ground on the controller LED and the middle pin on the trigger. The only caveat is that because it’s hardwired to the LED, you can only use the mod on the particular port you’re using the controller on.

The reason it’s so simple is because the Xbox 360 controller uses pulse width modulation to “dim” the LED on the controller, creating a rapid high/low signal. When the momentary button is depressed, it routes this rapid high/low signal to the trigger input on the controller, which is then input to the Xbox 360. Hit the read link for a couple more videos explaining this hack.

While this modification is undetectable by Xbox Live, it does create an unfair advantage in multiplayer gaming and could result in your account being banned.

[via Xbox-Scene]

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166 thoughts on “Simple Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod

  1. Hey eric thats cause you dont know how to solder.

    and with some people saying it only works with old style controllers and new style controllers. Which one or does it work with all controllers.

  2. works with wired and OLD STYLE MATRIX WIRELESS ONLY!!!!!

    does not work AT ALL with the new wireless cg controllers. no questions asked. they dont use pulse width modulation. you need one of the expensive 3 mode sleeper kits to get it to work with the new cg wireless controllers and COD5. you HAVE to have the new sleeper mod to get it to work on COD5, they recently released a patch disabling all of the hacks EXCEPT the sleeper mod. google it. is this mod even worth it for halo 3? i dont wanna buy it if i kant rapid fire in that game anyone know? thx in advance.

  3. 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888
    and i will mod them for you for 30 bucks. e-mail me ten bucks shipping, and if anything goes wrong for ANY reason i’ll send you a pre-sleeper modded controller garunteed.

    I offer this service cheaper than ANYONE even on e-bay. check if you dont beleive me.

    i offer this service for the faint of heart, and the soldering impaired

  4. any takers? 30 bucks is cheap!!!! but remember your controller must be a wireless matrix controller!!!

    NOT a newer cg wireless controller. if you dont know how to tell the difference google this “rapid fire compatable xbox360 controller” you’ll find it. then click the images button and you’ll probably find a diagram

    ya know what here as long as your controller DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THIS your all set. and it has to be wireless. take your battery pack out and look hard. it cannot look like this. the compatable version will have far fewer components vissable.

    hope this helps

  5. the QUICK rapid fire mod WILL NOT WORK ON NEW CG CONTROLLERS…. “eddie” the mod chips work with your controller, BUT the SIMPLE 2 wire rapid fire mod discussed here WILL ONLY work on wireless matrix controllers, aka the OLD ones. if you just did it then post me a youtube vid of you ripping up COD5… then i’ll beleive you, lol.

    to brett. check your wiring. one wire to the BOTTOM of led #1. and one wire to the MIDDLE pin on the right trigger. then wire it to a momentary switch. it must be a momentary switch.


    I JUST FIGURED OUT THAT THIS TRICK WONT WORK WITH BRAND NEW BATTERIES. brett this may apply to you. YOUR BATTERIES MUST BE ROUGHLY AROUND 90% for the mod to function properly. if you dont beleive me throw a new pair of batts in and try it. cheers

  6. ok tnuts i had the snyc button jammed i fixed right after i posted. i lent my friend cod 4 and dnt have a cpy now so i am trying it with halo3 it works fr about the first three trigger pulls then stops, i remove the batts. and it works for a few more times then quits, i have everything wired correctly and a momentary switch, the only other thing i have different it the battery pack, do i need to use batts, or can i use the recharg. pack? thanks!

  7. wow this is awesome. i used to be a noob and suck at COD, now with this controller i am a noob and i win. cheating is the only way to play online video games. practice and cognitive reasoning is for chumps!

    someone please post the newest glitch/mod/exploit because i really need to level up my prestige! (it makes my sack bigger)!

  8. Attn: Brett. i just did a mod today with a momentary switch. hooking a wire to the led 1 will fire a few times on halo you are correct it was doing the same thing to me. so instead of hooking it there, on the bottom right of the board where the little rumble pack is plugged in. on the top side where it says microsoft there are 2 through hole leads where the plug in is installed for the rumble. the right post is the one you want to solder to, and leave the other wire to the middle post on the trigger. works great on halo3, really wakes up the BR (battle rifle)

  9. “duff” if you were playing halo3 and switched to cod4 did it make a difference? (fire rate that is) i only ask to see if i am going to have a mod controller for cod4 and one for halo3? hope it will work the same for both. if you can respond to let me know i am going to try it now hope to hear from you! thanks for the help.. and tnuts have you ran into this problem with halo3 like me and duff and does his solution work? ill try it and let you know!

  10. Duff you were right about the halo3 and i tried it works much better… i left the other wire in tact but cut it so i could switch from cod4 to h3 in a jiff my next thing i might add will be toggle switch to switch from cod4 to h3 in no time thanks for the help.

  11. um. just so you guys know. this only works with the newer controllers with the register, just like one of you said. to see if your controller is capable of modding, take off the battery pack and look at the bottom left of the opening. If there is a T3, you’re good to go. If it says T2, buy a new controller, cuz it aint happening. BTW quit giving this guy shit. you’re mad that you didnt think of it before he did. If you want to flame, do it in person, so people can laugh at your stupidity.

  12. “chuck” who are you talking to? i got all my mods to work because of “tnuts & Duff” they know whats up and are very helpful– i want to let them know they are the sh*t when it came to this. the only thing i want to improve it the ability to switch from cod4 to H3 with another switch… i think it can be done just need a little support.. (IE another switch like a three way to turn it from the led to the rumble solider point…. think this would work or would it be too much? please lmk!!!! Again thanks for the support!

  13. hey will 18 guage wire work? i just got my controller apart and i have a d21 above the 1st player LED but when i try to test it it doesnt rapid fire….. why? someone on another vid said to put one of the wires onto the holes below the R21 and that worked once, but now it doesnt did i mess up my controller? and one more question will my xbox account get permenantly banned? if i get banned or does teh entire xbox become inopperable online?

  14. ok i put the wire on the middle fire thing and to the LED and when i put my battery pack, the LED lights up very dimly, when i turn COD 4 on, it rapid fires all the time non-stop. I made sure nothing was touching it and it still doesnt work. I have broke one controller and im trying not to brake my other one. PLEASE help me

  15. JHON. you have to wire a switch inbetween those two points. not just one wire str8 from the middle pin to the led. thats why its firing ALL the time because that wire is connected all the time. just cut it and wire the 2 new ends of the once whole wire to the switch! and by the way, if you think that this mod makes your right trigger rapid fire your wrong. only pressing that “switch” i told you to wire in there will produce the rapid fire effect.

    AND NO THIS DOES NOT WORK ON COD5 ANYMORE AS OF NOV 10th, 2008. you must use a 3 or 4 mode “sleeper mod” google it. ebay is the best place for these kits. they sell a 3 mode rapid fire kit all set and ready to go for 20$ shipped. and it DOES WORK ON COD5. i have this mod myself. works WONDERS ON HALO 3. I ranked up like 12 levels in one night lol!!!!

    heres the link to the kit. cheers.|65%3A15|39%3A1|240%3A1318


  16. Hey tnuts, I just got a wireless black controller today and it has the resistor located on the top side middle of board. It also has TP3 just under where the battery pack is. The problem is that I am not getting rapid fire to work going from bottom of D21 to middle pin of right trigger connector. I have done this mod before no problem. Is anyone else seeing this same issue. Im thinking that MS has changed up the boards and are not using PWM. The sticker that you have to remove to get one of the screws out has the numbers “XB01769-022” Any info on this would help.


  17. okay can i solder one wire to the middle trigger pin like your supposed to and the other one to one of the two pins below it about a half inch? please let me know thats what someone said.

  18. I just did this mod last night on my friend’s controller. It’s a tp3. It has rapid fire but only if you find the sweet spot. It almost acts like a response trigger on a tippman 98 if anyone knows what I’m talking about, lol is this controller moddable (using this simple mod)

  19. would this work for gears of war for the pistols and hammerburst and can i get a pic of which of the points that i need to sauter at because i couldn’t see in the video…

  20. For all you cheapscates who don’t want to spend a lot or don’t have the time to program hardware, simply buy a button with 2 wires on it at radioshack along with the appropriate screwdriver. Open up the controller and use tiny pieces of tape or drops of glue ( make sure nothing is blocks) to put the wires into the right places. Then, punch a small hole in the back so you can reach the button. Seal up the controller and it should last a littlte over three weeks. I would suggest using a garbage controller or one that you don’t care about as this mod basicly ruins the controller

  21. Hey Guys, if you really want the best from your quick rapidfire mod, put a 1k resistor between the middel trigger pin and the momentary switch, and dont solder on the LED rather follow the path down where you will find a little hole where you can solder to (just use a knive to remove the protective layer)

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  23. Ive got the D21 type controller, ive wired it from the middle pin to the hole thats located further down. However when i click the switch (playing on halo 3 btw) the gun shoots for a bit, pauses for about 0.2 seconds then fires again, its almost slower than firing it normally (however its almost dead accurate).

    What am i doing wrong?

  24. I have a controller where the symbol is a little circle and a line through it instead of p10 or anything else. Will it work? i don’t want to open it if it won’t.

  25. Its funny how this mod messes up your controller. And nobody wants to leave a reply about why it stays on all the time. DONT DO THIS MOD. It will stay on all the time unless you press the button. They make videos to mess uo your controller. The people that are always complaining about mods are the ones making these tutorials to mess up your controller. The guy in this video is actually a hater of modded controllers,and has even filed reports about them. DONT DO THIS MOD!! Buy one!!

  26. DONT DO THIS MOD,IT WILL MESS UP YOUR CONTROLLER AND STAY ON ALL THE TIME UNLESS YOU ARE ACTUALLY HOLDING IT DOWN!!!! In other words,when you turn on your console and controller,your xbox screen will keep skipping like you are pressing the RT button.It only stops when you press the Momentary push button. Its a fake!!!!

    1. I have a question though…I put the switch connected to the middle trigger port and another wire to the rumble port. It worked fine for weeks then all of a sudden the trigger is stuck on. I even took the switch out and its still staying on, the only way to make it stop is to bridge the middle trigger port to the bottom trigger port. BUT that makes other buttons fire off – any suggestions?

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