Hack A Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

Well, that was fun… no, not really, but we’re back from the dead like Steve Jobs. We’ve been getting DDoS’d since essentially the first day we originally came back. After killing a 1G connection, we decided to find a different solution. Since the world didn’t end this week, we brought the site back using WordPress.com as the new host. We now return to our regular blog shenanigans. Here’s to another four years of beta!

20 thoughts on “Hack A Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. I was begining to think all sorts when i navigated to
    hackaday eachday with blinding diapointment,
    Good to see you guys back, One thing tho, it could be
    browser specific i suppose but the comment box trails of
    into the topics on the right and i can see what im typing
    beyond here————————————————>

    anyhow good to see your friendly e-faces again

  2. sory about the spelling, i typed the thing, and because i
    couldnt see what i was typing passed the division, i made
    some spelling mistakes, i then word wrapped the text to fit
    into the comment box not realizing my mistakes. :p

  3. Yes welcome back. I too was getting withdrawal symptoms!
    The thing that got me was the browser wasn’t even resolving hackaday.com, leading me to think you guys had forgotten to renew your DNS registration, and it expired!
    Its kind of strange doing an ‘nslookup hackaday.com’ in the cmd prompt and seeing NO results from any DNS server I tried!
    The LHC certainly does have some strange side effects! My CRT TV is dying too, I blame the magnetic fields from the swiss-franco border screwing with the deflection beams in it! *JOKE ALERT*
    And this edit box is certainly playing up.

  4. darn good to see you back…I was so bored without you I
    almost fell off the workbench due to solder fumes….how am
    I supposed to know what I want to build without decent
    write ups from my favorite hacking website?

  5. Happy to see hackaday resurrected from the land of 404’s and DNS errors.
    I was very worried.
    I started to have severe withdrawal symptoms without the hack per day that was prescribed to me by my doctor.

    Why the hack someone would like to hack hackaday.com?
    Hope u’ll solve all your trobles soon.

    Hackaday.com will last for(;;)

  6. Hooray you’re back! for days & days this tab in my FF browser kept on coming up as site unresolvable, even when I was online through other networks so I figured something bad was up, but DDOS’d? what saddo would do such a thing to a site like this?!

    BTW, what’s up with the comments form? it doesn’t wordwrap properly when it gets to the right edge so you can’t see what you’re typing

  7. I was thinking the worst… But I am very happy that you
    guys are back from the dead.

    I visit 3 sites everyday all day long… slashdot, engadget,
    and hackaday.

    It was hell without my hackaday!!!

    btw: keep up the awesome work

  8. With great joy HACKADAY is back!
    This site is the cure for alziemers, mental fodder for the
    creatively challenged.

    But you’re still calling it BETA?
    Shouldn’t this be GAMMA now?

  9. So glad you’re back, been jonesing for a hack-fix for a week.
    DDOS! If you ever find out who, give us a clue, payback’s a
    bitch! We missed you, we’re happy you’re back, live long
    hack-a-day beta! Recommend you to all my classes–you’ll
    have dedicated followers for decades! Thanks for everything!

  10. COME on, Hack a day says goes missing for a week, and then it only gives a weak short paragraph on why it was down. Inquiring minds want to know! Ya could have like changed the DNS to a temporary host (with a fat pipe) and reply back with text saying it’s why it’s down, etc… As I needed my fix, and I got antsy just wanting to know what happened… I even almost registered and domain like ‘WeresHackAday.com’ just so I can place a forum up there and hope people could talk about it. Also Hack a Day needs to update the whois info, as I wanted to email them asking what happened.

    My Ranting is done, now time to get my fix =P

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