DaScratch Multitouch DJ Interface

Stanton has released a new controller peripheral for laptop DJ’s. DaScratch is a USB connected MIDI device designed to emulate record interactions. It features a large touch area where the user can make scratching, sliding, and button pressing motions. The compact device has presets for software like Traktor, Serato, and Ableton Live, but can work with anything that supports MIDI. Multiple units can be paired together using magnets.

As the video below shows, there are quite a few different interactions possible. We really want to see a teardown of this device though. We get the distinct feeling that it’s designed to look more impressive than the underlying hardware actually is.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PUVHgKnrts]

We’ve covered quite a few homebrew alternative music controllers recently: the Stribe, Monome, Aurora, and Machinecollective.

[via Gizmodo]

5 thoughts on “DaScratch Multitouch DJ Interface

  1. I’m pretty pumped about this thing. I haven’t found a dealer yet, but the going price tag is supposedly $300 dollars. Not too bad. I really want to see one of these things in person before I jump on it though. I’m not a DJ, but I am a musician, and damn does it look fun.

  2. @renegade Sadly, it still needs a first “surge” of sales before the mixer will be available. Guessing from the video this is already in “production”.

    Also, though it doesn’t count as “DJ software”, guessing it’s compatible with Virtual DJ and Fruity Loops?

  3. Do i need to use the numark dj io interface with the numark dmc2. I am currently using the dmc2 without the interface. I am also using the cue dj program. What is the benefits using the djio interface

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