Canon 40D Hacked To Record Movies


Both Canon and Nikon recently released DSLR cameras that now include a feature that most consumer level digital cameras have had for sometime: the ability to record movies. What makes movie recording especially appealing on a DSLR is the wide selection of lenses available to get the look you’re after. If you’re an owner of Canon’s 40D you may want to follow [DataGhost]’s progress on the CHDK forum as he is currently working on bringing this function to the 40D.

While [DataGhost] has a working proof of concept he notes that there are still some issues pertaining to the camera powering down while recording a video, autofocusing, and writing to the memory card. Aside from this, [DataGhost] has made considerable progress and is considering adding custom user settings via the mode dial to really give some creative control. We’re excited about this hack and can’t wait for its release to the general public.

[via CHDK forum]

29 thoughts on “Canon 40D Hacked To Record Movies

  1. im confused on how a dslr can work like this. ive got a nikon d40 and d60. i thought dslrs couldnt…well wrong terminology now. haha. anyone care to explain to me how this could work in theory?

  2. olympus had all this techno years ago on there c-2100 camera 6years ago the new cameras have high mega pixel count but took away alot of the old features. 2008 brought back the image stabilization. it just a small computer in the camera it just opens up the functions that they want to sell on that years model. my money on the 2010 or 2011 camera models that have the image sensor move a fraction of cm w/auto focus, using any manual lens from any vendor, or use the auto lens for your brand of camera.

  3. its real blasted easy, just be careful of what device you send your signal to, and more importantly, when you take a picture with the camera in live view while hooked to your recording device. i think i killed an AIPTEK hd handheld camcorder the other night having an excellent time doing this very thing: Camera on Live view – rca out (yellow) to aiptek “A/v in”(insert favorite video recording meduim/ hardware here) and press record. it turns any shitty camcorder/deck with a line in option into a damn fine piece or recording machine… but pull the trigger….

  4. Ok, you noobz, pay close attention. There are two possibilities with this video. (Underlying fact is, it is REAL, and it’s legit). Fact is, the only cameras that may have the possibility to record video, but don’t already, are the ones that have the “live view” mode. Cameras such as the 40D, and the 50D have this “live view” option. To Mike, the 1D3 does too, I b’lieve. Essentially, what this hack is suggesting, is that the camera records what the live view is outputting. A current program will do this for you, but be aware, it must be teathered to a computer. This is why Netbooks would be ideal. Or, a backpack and a laptop with a great battery. The computer reads what the camera is outputting to the Live View display, and records it.

    The hack mentioned in the article is about a firmware upgrade / hack by DataGhost. He’s (presumably) trying to get the camera itself to do the recording, and then save it to the memory card. Adding a couple more menu displays also, will give the user more creative support.

    At this point, I’d love to be able to shoot any sort of video, at greater than 20FPS (which the link below does (20FPS). Go DataGhost, GO! =D

    40D Video Recorder

  5. ok, it fine if the 40D records Videos but How does dis guy wirelessly sends the video to his PC/Laptop without cable or wireless gaget connected to it? is the question you should ask…ppl get real its fake….

  6. coheritier, It’s not wireless, he RECORDED a video (which is what were talking about)onto his camera card,(which is inside the camera) with his small camera, and 40D. then… THEN… he took the video he made with both cameras and put them on the computer via card reader. made a nice little presentation with the frame in frame for you to see the two separate but conjoining angles, proving that each camera made the videos. (not that we’re trying to prove the little camera, but it’s like algebra, 2+2=4 and four equals two plus two. The two angles prove each other.)

  7. for a few other posts I saw, the video out while in live view mode is something the camera does from the factory, READ YOUR MANUAL, Understand your camera, the cool new part of this, is you don’t need an external recording device like a VCR, you can record to your camera card with out being tethered to anything. just shoot video and go.

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