PS3 Eye As A Webcam On Windows

The NUI Group has been working hard to bring the PS3 Eye to windows.  From the factory, this device has pretty impressive specs, but no windows drivers.  After a bit of hacking, they’ve developed a driver for it and released it on their forums.  The main reason they are so interested in it is that it can capture full frame at 60 frames per second, making it perfect for multi touch sensing.  Now that they’ve got it working with windows, they’re working on a custom PS3 Eye filter for touchlib.

[via PS3 Fanboy, thanks vor]

12 thoughts on “PS3 Eye As A Webcam On Windows

  1. Yup that Alex P’s a preaty slick mover!

    Already carving history in the multitouch world. I want to see this cam on os x but im preaty sure mac cam doesn’t support it?

    Correct me if i am wrong.

    1. run a virtual os for windows i think mac can use openbox… all you need is a version of a windows disk image and the camara drivers for the virtual os of windows you choose … :)

  2. @grovenstine
    I bought a ps3 eye for my llp mac setup and although macam supports it the fps is only 30 with the latest stable build. I would be happy to help improve macam’s driver (I’m not much of a programmer so maybe AlexP would be willing to help?). I will try out the nightly build later today if I have time (yeah right! :)).

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