PSP SNES controller mod

[foo] sent in this amazingly well done mod to add an SNES controller to a PSP. He was contacted with a request to mod a PSP for someone who had limited use of one hand. The PSP controls were too difficult for her, but miraculously, she could play an SNES controller well. The quality of the mod is very nice. [foo] has added a port on the back that the controller plugs into. Other than the port on the back, the PSP looks completely stock and functions fine. When plugged in, the cable and plug act as a stand for the PSP too. Check out the video after the break for more.

27 thoughts on “PSP SNES controller mod

  1. oh cool! I was at .good will. the other day and picked up an old NES controller… I wished it was a SNES controller. pretty sweet none the less. this kinda hack makes me want a psp for it’s Versatility with emulation, looks like this was take one giant leap further modding a SNES controler, THE look, the feel, and the portability.
    Nice work,,, wonders how they figure out which wire/combination of wires to use…..

  2. @scott

    Considering the fact that this is a PSP 2000, and the points are soldered onto 0.5mm pitch zif connectors, mounted on heavily populated areas of the motherboard, that statement is completely wrong.
    Lets see your soldering work please.

  3. What is the point in this?! Total waste of time in my opinion. You should have tried to mod it with something different. In case you haven’t noticed. The controls are EXACTLY the same. The only thing I see different is that you get to play your psp about a half a foot away! wth?

  4. @liden
    Think about what your saying before you say it. If your using one hand to used all the controles on a psp you will be covering the screen with your hand. Pretty obviouse if you think about it for more than 1 second.

    Thanks for posting this Caleb.

  5. It’s a simple enough mod and I can see the advantages.
    Personally, I would have made a one handed controller addon but that depends on the disability.

    Another addition to this mod could be the ability to remove the SNES controller which could be done relatively easily. This would be more practical for the portable media player aspect of the playstation portable.

    All and all it’s just another controller modification and not practical for me but if you REALLY wanted to use an old SNES controller its an inspiring idea.

    Oh and liden, Your an idiot.

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  7. I’m fans of PSP. Thank you for this, i improve a little bit of my small brain. I hope you will bring more like this and I will keep check out your site. Sry for my bad english it’s not my first language.

  8. I’m fans of PSP. Thank you for this, i improve a little bit of my small brain. I hope you will bring more like this and I will keep check out your site. Sry for my bad english it’s not my first language.

  9. Since we’ve dug this up i’ll just say it’d be helpful if people actually read tfa.

    Looking back at the comments, about 3 people noticed that the main reason behind this was the person it was created for only has the use of one hand.

    Yes, the controller layouts are similar but do you see that big ass screen in the middle of the psp? yea, that could become an issue.

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