8 thoughts on “CNC pumpkin carving

  1. Nice. :)
    I program a few $90k HAAS CNC mills at work, i really wanted to do this but i’m afraid i’d contaminate the coolant, and we JUST drained, cleaned, and refilled the machines, so we won’t need to do it again for a while!

    Maybe if i gut the pumpkin first it wouldn’t be so bad…

  2. @rivetgeek
    The CNC has a flood coolant system, so it’s all enclosed, and if pumpkin flys anywhere inside the machine, it will eventually get into the coolant. I could probably do a pretty good job of cleaning it out before running anything with coolant, but man, coolant gets nasty enough with bacteria without me putting organic bits straight into it.

  3. Duct tape polyethylene drapes from the top of the sheet metal to the table. Leave enough slack to permit the full range of table motion. Cover the head and toolchanger as well, leaving only the spindle nose exposed. Then all the pumpkin swarf leaves when the poly does, and you just have to clean the table.

    Works with wood as well.

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