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[1up] has posted his portable NES as an entry for the Sanyo Eneloop contest. We’ve seen some really cool portable builds, but this one has a complete step by step writeup of the process too. Many of these projects start with the little all in one devices that contain 99 games already. [1up] wanted to use original hardware so you could play any cartridge you could get. He used a complete NES and a portable PS1 screen. The total project cost was roughly $130, if you don’t include all the stuff he broke in the process.

Not only does he make it portable, but also points out easy ways to improve your experience. One example is to disable the lockout chip. This was an anti piracy precaution from Nintendo. If the cartridge doesn’t pass this, it won’t play. Often, games won’t pass due to something as simple dirty contact. He explains all of this and takes you through the process of disabling the chip so everything can run smoother.

He has it all encased in a clear box. Some people prefer a more professional finish, but we have to admit that seeing the guts is pretty cool.

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  1. well i guess i cant say much, as i hanv’t posted it on my blog yet. I got a pair of video glasses from woot last month and if you havn’t tried it, a NES can run fine off of a 9v battery. Toss the NES in a backpack with the video glasses hooked up and voila: Ghetto-Portable NES

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