The Hemp-Mote


We’re sure that almost every one of our readers has been wondering why they can’t have a hemp covered Wiimote. Well, [Dhreck] got tired of waiting and made one himself. This isn’t just as simple as covering a Wiimote with hemp chord. Major modifications had to be made to keep it from getting too bulky. [Dhreck] whittled down most of the shell, then re formed it with modeling putty. After sanding that nice and smooth and applying a nice black paint job, he started the painstaking process of wrapping it in hemp.  It still works perfectly fine, but can fray if you are too hard on it. So, if you get your hands on some hemp, take it easy on your Wii.

20 thoughts on “The Hemp-Mote

  1. hey dufus (stevediraddo), that kind of hemp isn’t smokeable. you would probably barf your guts out if you tried, it would be like trying to smoke a hairball in a tobacco pipe…disgusting.

  2. This would be a good technique to keep in mind if you need to smuggle homemade electronics into paranoid/tyrannical countries. A plastic box with odd switches and blinking lights might attract suspicion, but what about a colorful broach sort of thing, wrapped in yarn or hemp twine. May be just the thing.

  3. @sol

    Reminds me of the old math joke:

    How do you reduce the chances of someone bringing a bomb onto a plane?

    A: You bring one yourself, because the chance of two bombs being on a single plane is less than the chance of one bomb being on a single plane. lol

  4. I love it when people think you smoke the stalk fiber or the leaves of cannabis. IT’S HEMP, YOU IGNORANT FOOLS. THEY MADE CLOTHES WITH THIS STUFF BEFORE IT WAS ‘ILLEGAL’.

    You smoke the flowering part.

  5. Regardless of its lack of smokeability, this is still merely a pathetic extension of ‘pothead engineering’ (i.e.: “dude, I bet I can make a bong out of this”). It is pretty much by definition a complete waste of space, rather like the wasteoids who might think this is somehow a worthy accomplishment, or even worthy of mentioning at all.
    Just because somebody glued some crap onto something else doesn’t make it a hack. Don’t debase the name, thats what killed shit like (most recently) steampunk, simple lack of parsing what the hell the term got applied to.

    Raise your standards here guys, please. It’s not like there aren’t enough truly worthwhile hacks and projects going on you are going to risk running out of worthy article candidates. No need to stoop to stuff like this crap.

  6. Well, we’ve got people who realize this is pretty stupid and make a (crappy) joke about it, then the hemp-heads come out of the woodwork talking about how hemp is the damn finest thing since sliced bread and is definitely superior to cotton, linen, wool, and synthetics in all tasks. Come on, guys, it’s coarse and it looks ugly. Now, admittedly, you’d be able to grow your marijuana right out in the hemp fields a lot easier than you do now, stomping down farmers’ corn and putting it there or hiding it in the forest…

  7. im not a hemp head, but i am a libertarian so obviously i’ll take every opportunity to whack at anything remotely positive towards the ‘war’ on drugs. Its not so much an argument of how awesome hemp is or isn’t, but how stupid and wastefull it is trying to keep it illegal and banned. Watch (download, buy, whatever- its out there) a documentary called “american drug war – the last white hope”

  8. Quote:”I love it when people think you smoke the stalk fiber or the leaves of cannabis. IT’S HEMP, YOU IGNORANT FOOLS. THEY MADE CLOTHES WITH THIS STUFF BEFORE IT WAS ‘ILLEGAL’.

    You smoke the flowering part.”
    yes you do smoke the ‘flowering part’ but you can smoke the whole plant. i have smoked a whole plant, roots and all. i wish i would’ve got the dirt off the roots a little better..
    but i have smoked stalk fiber and leaves. they aren’t as effective as the herb like fruit AKA buds, AKA colas, colitas.. (hotel california) (such a lovely place..) but it is better than smoking wood. those parts are better used ground up in cooking, or put in with your tobacco to give it a nice flavor. but tobacco is bad for you and hemp is far more useful, and nutritious.
    plus, it enhances my algebraic abilities. can’t say much for my english and computer programming, but that’s a language. Java, English.. not my favorite subject while i am in that stage of enlightenment. I can’t say much for this ‘hack’ though. just goes to show you what a motivated stoner can do with free time. the sweat absorption is the only good that can come of this. otherwise, it was a pointless waste of time and weed. thats the best part of the stem, the exterior ‘skin’ that is green and comes off like a ribbon. the other fibers are no good for smoking or chewing on. but of course its already no good for smoking if it is domesticated hemp. de-thc-erizing weed is like de-flavourizing fruit, and making it taste like potatoes or something.

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