Walk/drive A Dog/motorcycle


This hulking monster was created by the Mutoid Waste Company because, well, why not? Part dog, part motorcycle it walks/drives and breathes fire. Constructed from all salvaged parts, this thing is a testament to recycling. Either that or it is the harbinger of the robot apocalypse. Regardless of the possibility of it enslaving all mankind, we want one. Be sure to watch the video.

22 thoughts on “Walk/drive A Dog/motorcycle

  1. This is MAXIMALLY cool! Does it also allow any kind of autonomous functionality?

    Next they should add a home-made nuclear reactor, lazer beam eye cannons, jump jets and a microwave oven.

    Murah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. it reminds me of something you’d see the humans using in the matrix or half life 2. all it needs now are some random weapons and electricity arcing back and forth inside the frame.

  3. Ive seen this in the flesh! Well steel, once agian this was at Glastonbury earlier this year.

    This is nothing compared to some of there other creations, also it looks great but is very limited in its limb construction, a bit of a waddler rather than a walker!! the pyro is awsome though!

    This is a wonderfull assortment of interesting mechanical bits and pieces scrounged from all sorts of machines.

  4. sad that this picture is as acurate about the movement as the real thing.

    really, just stare at the pic and imagine time tediously passing by with nothing moving at all. that’s how the real thing feels :(

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