Wii Nunchuck Controlled Servo Bot


[Stuart.Mcfarlan] is back. This time he has added Wii Nunchuck control to his servo bot. You may recall servo bot, or SERB, from a few weeks ago. Now the little bot can be controlled by either the joystick, or the gyroscope in the Nunchuck. Too bad its wired though, wireless is the next step right?

13 thoughts on “Wii Nunchuck Controlled Servo Bot

  1. this isn’t a ‘bot’, it is a remote controlled vehicle. It isn’t autonomous in any way that I can see. Really cool hack though…so i guess the nunchuck controller really does have a good use.

  2. awesome. it’s amazing how good the accelerometers in the nunchuck are, especially for a $20 device. i wish there were more wii games out there that fully used the nunchuck’s motion sensing abilities.

  3. man. i’m not a troll or anything, but, been there, done that. i used a xbee link. put it all in the ‘chuck. gotta start publishing my stuff. anyhows, today, i put that granular arduino synth into the ‘chuck with acelerometer and joystick controll. really neat. just dont say i’m not the first. ;)

  4. I did a project for school last spring that used a pic to read the nunchuck data and send wirelessly to another pic to control a robot. Check out linx technologies rf products, very easy to use. Ill see if I can upload the project presentation files and pictures to a server so I post a link to the info.

  5. a lot easier than blue tooth and cheaper too is to get a wireless nunchuk. They cost like $13-$25 and have about the same range. you could probably even hack it for farther range.

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