7400 Series Logic Simulator


Atanua is a real time logic simulator to help people learn some of the basics of electronics. Focusing mainly on logic, as opposed to power, this is a fantastic tool to learn with. They have done a fantastic job of making it easy to use as well as good looking. We can see this as being a must have piece of software for any hacker. There is a free version available as long as you aren’t using it commercially.

[Thanks ellisgl]

31 thoughts on “7400 Series Logic Simulator

  1. This looks like fun, but as a coder the logic side of things isn’t what I need most help with – I want to get familiar with good circuit design. I know there are full electronics simulators out there; what do people recommend?

  2. this looks fantastic. Thanks to josh/macegr/rak0ribz for the other recommendations. this is one of those things that I’ve always been looking for but didn’t really know it…
    anybody tried this in wine?

  3. well, there’s the national instruments circuit suite design….and its a full simulator…and of course its not free….but its really good so you might wanna invest and get it…

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