Hackit: What did you get?


It’s the season of gift giving. Did you get anything interesting/hackable? What will you work on next?

We gave ourselves an Android Dev Phone 1 (ADP1). We hadn’t really considered getting a G1 until the ADP1 was announced… It’s actually a lot of fun to use as our primary phone. Our favorite app so far is connectbot, the SSH client. The interface is really smart, way better than all of the iPhone clients.

What did you get?

88 thoughts on “Hackit: What did you get?

  1. i’m amazed that so many people got arduinos for the holidays. that’s awesome. i got a growler bag. it’s insulated and fits two half gallon jugs of beer. it’s not necessarily something I’d like to have (it’s very well designed). however, it’s extremely useful to have around whilst hacking :)

  2. I got a Micro Mosquito II RC helicopter. I also got the crappy version of the robo-sapien (it just goes forward and back, no turning unless your backing up.). I also got a bunch of clothes, a thermal top, and a growler, which I will use to bottle my home-made wine in.

  3. i got an Air Hogs helocopter. its styrofoam, but incredibly fun. the charge only lasts for five minutes though. i dont know how i would mod it, cause if i add any wait, it wont fly

  4. I got an nvidia 8400GS (cuda capable!), 2 gigs of ram, a new wifi card, a zune 120, and a new smd rework/soldering station (aoyue int 968) with built in smoke vacuum (and a compass in the stock, and a thing that tells time).

  5. got a see thru (clear plastic) 1/2 scale model harley engine with alot of moveing parts n cool stuff and got bored .. added LED sparkplugs that fire orange each time the pistons hit just past top dead center (gotta keep the ignition timeing on!!!!!) and working on lights to emulate intake (white) and exhaust(red) gas flow

  6. 500 gig hard drive, logitech g15 keyboard, 16gb SD memory card for my camera, Flexible tripod for my camera, pelican camera case, (I have a d60) some cash, and a 50 pack of dual layer DVD’s.

  7. I got a Beagle Board!
    Well, not yet… but it should arrive tomorrow!

    I also got Mirror’s Edge, but my father is probably going to return it because it says too many dirty words…(damn near taught him a few new ones since I told him not to get the game to begin with…)

  8. I got a tool bat for my PSP, and my wife got a coolpix fujifilm 10.1 MP camera, not allowed to hack it or anything, though I am allowed to borrow it to finally take pics of my creations

  9. one panasonic camcorder from ’98, a portable megaphone,an hp pocket pc running windows ce, a box of working windows mobile phones, and a semester at Hawaii community college…so whatever i end up making i think itll probably be pretty damn annoying

  10. Well, I got a new quality soldering iron (rather better than my fire-starters I’ve been using for the last few years) and a cheap-but-nevertheless-useful camera tripod, but the icing on the cake is an older used Estes model airplane, sans controller. I predict many fun hours hacking in a new R/C box and seeing what else I can do with it other than “make it fly”.

  11. lets see
    1.acer aspire one one gb ram i have triple booted ubuntu,xp and vista (i play spore and stuff on it
    1. 1 terrabyte external hardrive (whoop lets see what to put on it
    1. cheap new printer for school work (i bought i also bought the hardrive with the £205 i got from family )
    1 dvd writer 20x with lightscribe(Bought with xmas money)
    10.some dual layer dvds(im gonna copy me some xbox games )
    5. lightscribe discs (ill by more later both discs bought with xmas money)
    and thats it ohhhh wait i also got
    £24 left and thats going in my bank account till i get my new job in february to buy rats (wanted one since i was little)
    thats everything techno i think

  12. Wow, looks like all of you got something good to hack. I’m stuck with parents who say that if they found one of my Christmas presents in pieces they would kick me out…And I’m only 14 !

    I got a Digital Camera and a printer to go with it.

  13. I got a Duemilanove, a BlinkM MaxM, some jumper wires and a mini breadboard. I already had a bunch of other stuff (linears, ICs, LEDs, etc) gathering dust because there wasn’t a fun, easy way to play with them. Arduino makes it fun and easy!

  14. @chr0n1c “i got the cutest puppy in the world for xmas… anyone know any puppy hacks? (jk)”

    Well there was this guy Ivan Pavlov that did some interesting stuff about a century ago :p

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