Hackit: What Did You Get?


It’s the season of gift giving. Did you get anything interesting/hackable? What will you work on next?

We gave ourselves an Android Dev Phone 1 (ADP1). We hadn’t really considered getting a G1 until the ADP1 was announced… It’s actually a lot of fun to use as our primary phone. Our favorite app so far is connectbot, the SSH client. The interface is really smart, way better than all of the iPhone clients.

What did you get?

88 thoughts on “Hackit: What Did You Get?

  1. I got an Arduino Duemilanove! It’s so sweet. I read a LOT about them here on Hackaday, so I figured it was nigh time I broke into embedded development, and I have to say, this makes it incredibly fun and easy!

    I’d recommend them to anyone!

  2. I got a digital-cam.. pretty uninteresting

    but i even get a little osram “dot-it”…
    I would like to build a little led strobe out of it, but it’s glued together <.<
    maybe i can cut it open…

    need to try out my new soldering iron :D

  3. I got a cheap RC car. Odyssey Elite Twister Car. No proportional steering. Just 4 way fwd/rev right/left. The front of the car doesn’t turn, it rotates. Lots of flashing LEDs. It’s underpowered. Most of the time, it won’t flip. So, I’m already thinking about opening it up. Maybe add separate power for fwd/rev and right/left. Or, just rip out the RC and control board. I did a quick Google, and I didn’t see any hacks for this already.

    I also got a cheap RC helo. The forums on Woot say it’s hard to fly, it breaks easily, and you can’t find parts for it. So, I’ll have to make it’s one and only flight a good one.

  4. Atom-based 2tb home file server running from a compact flash card. (…with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells the time…)

    Samsung Omnia i910.

    both from myself, but I was a good boy this year and it’s not like anyone else has a clue what I want at any given time. :)

    My wife gave me a great comfy jacket too. -she’s always dead on with that stuff.

    We won’t be doing our major “Christmas” until Sunday when we drive up to the wife’s parents place.
    _then_ we’ll see what’s in that stocking…

    (It’s our way.)

    Hope everyone still has a corner under the tree drenched in new electronocs smell this year!

    happy happy!
    joy joy!

  5. I got an Arduino Duemilanove as well. Already been using arduino for a while, but I only have had one. Now i have a new one to play with and a pocket piano synthesizer shield to make some nice music using the old one. Also got the 5×5 rubik’s cube, but that isn’t really hackable.

  6. I got a Nikon D60 SLR. Maybe doing a few firmware hacks. Probably not, because I see minimal room for improvement (to be truthful, I don’t see _any_ problems with the camera, but I’ve only had it for a day now)

  7. Beleive this or not, I got a……mini USB hoover, to suck up all the dust in your computer area.

    Works really great on keyboards!

    Hack wise I think it could have more juice supplied to it, a little more suck!

  8. Well, i got 2 drawer cabinet things (for components), an electronics “repair” kit, a few shirts from thinkgeek, and money to purchase a SMD Rework Station! :D

    Then i bought myself 2 17″ monitors (lcd) for my workbench (ebay), and if i have any money left over after the rework station and monitors, i plan on buying a 0-30v 5A power supply.

  9. PSP-3000 :( No firmware hacks out yet, on a plus side googling today, i did find a 16gb memory stick duo flash card for it.

    btw as to all the confusion on the screen, it looks fine. I dont notice any problems.

  10. didn’t get a new arduino, still have the NG with an atmega8. who needs more than 8kb of memory? :D but i did get a bunch of those shiftbright LEDs. Right now all they do is fade through the rainbow of colors. OOH PRETTY LIGHTS!

  11. eeepc 900a. possting from it right now.

    its pretty spartan, which just means i haave less to remove when i put the stuff i want in. [gps, amplified wifi antenna, more storage, etc.]

    the downside: the new budget ssd is just as slow as everyone dreaded, and this bloated, clunky xandros distro has to go. oh well, you know what they say about beggars and choosers…

  12. Black and decker power monitor, I want to figure out the reciever side and make a pc that dumps the data into excel. or use a digicam against the display and record from there….

  13. Got a sweet little Inspiron 13 laptop, which my father-in-law promptly knocked off the table and broke. Never even got to boot it :( (But hey, it was an accident. Can’t get too mad at Christmas.)

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