WeeP5 A Wii Zapper On Steroids


This is the WeeP5, a fully functional Wii controller gun that looks like an MP5. [TheOreos] found the original zapper attachments to be lacking in several areas. His solution was to build a controller, integrated into an existing gun design with all the buttons exactly where he wanted them.  He picked up a toy MP5 and sacrificed a Wiimote for the cause. He did a fantastic job, it looks great and, according to him, works well too.  He may want to consider putting an orange tip on it though, just to keep from spooking the police.

USB Servo Squirter


Here is a great project for learning how to control servos. They’ve made a USB controlled squirt gun using the USB NerdKit, a pump and a servo. This is a great tutorial to learn about PWM and controlling servos. The tutorial is very thorough, with great pictures and a video of it all , which you can see after the break.

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