Rickshaw Pulling Robot


[Wu Yulu] is a Chinese farmer with no formal mechanical training. He’s been building various contraptions over the years and even accidentally burned down his house at one point. Pictured above is a walking, talking rickshaw pulling robot he built to haul himself around town. You can see a video of the mechanical man on Reuters.

The design reminds us of [Bob Schneeveis]’ Schwarzenegger towed solar chariot we saw at Maker Faire.

[via DVICE thanks cnelson]

21 thoughts on “Rickshaw Pulling Robot

  1. hehe knight rider

    Perhaps I root for the underdog too much but I’d like to see this guy do well. He was quoted as saying, “You can now say that I love my robot more than my own son.”
    It must have been painful to see a man pull all his robots from the fire first. I’d like to believe THAT is why his wife was gonna leave but as she puts it she was more concerned about the monetary loss.

    All I wanna know is, what did this kid do to deserve these parents?

  2. agreed with jack. that thing is really funny on many levels. just think about it for a while. that wall walker was great too. seems to use magnets. neat how he rigged 5 crappy rf controllers, likely trashed, to control a complex mechanism. the moral: fancy book learning is not what makes a genius.

  3. Power to the autodidacts!

    There’s no better way to understand something than by the “crash and burn” method (he took it a bit too seriously though don’t ya think?)

    Let’s just hope he remembers to bring home the bacon and feed those neglected kids of his…”…I love my robots more dearly than my own sons” ???

  4. @kyle: “sort of, it looks to me to be aimed at the wrong ethnic group. though i have not been to asia myself i just imagine there is not spaniards pulling there rickshaws”

    you’re just jealous you didn’t win.

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