Radio Controlled Beetle

Scientists at the university of California have managed to implant a chip in a giant flower beetle that makes it respond to commands from the computer. They can tell it to fly, stop, turn left and turn right.  The controls are done through its optic nerves and wing muscles. Though the article states that flight signals are sent to the optic lobes and steering is done through stimulation of the wing muscles, the video shows steering being accomplished through optic lobe stimulation.

Though we’re sure there’s some grand scientific goal behind this, we can’t help but think (hope) that we’ll be seeing giant robot controlled beetle battles with lasers and rockets.

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  1. @RJSC
    Pacemakers can control you, if they zap you while nothing is wrong it will mess with your heart. It wouldn’t be too hard to adjust it so it can be activated from outside.

    But I believe this is going to ethical twilight. I can think of several thing where this could be good for us, but at the same times pictures of Borg are are racing through my head.

  2. I have twice seen a robotic hornet insect drone that was 6-7 inches long.

    The first time I thought it was a real bug, but after I saw it on the wall outside of my appartment door, I KNEW something was fishy.

    The frst time I saw it, I was in my brother’s back yard, and I thought it was just nature.
    We both saw it.
    Then, I opned the door to my appartment to see it outside of my door. I was only2 feet away from it, and when it flew, I knew it was NOT natural.

    It looked like CGI(comp. generated image) in a movie, but it was right in front of my face.

    I do A LOT of truth spreading on YouTube.
    I have been turning people on to some real amazing things.

    I Swear that this is 100% Truth, so help me God.

    Check me out at youtube(*com)/user/mrduffy81

  3. Спасибо за ответы на все вопросы :) Действительно узнал много нового. Правда до конца так и не разобрался что и откуда.

  4. “Today I like the ethics part of my brain more than the scientific part. It seems to be higher evolved.”

    I actually got a good laugh out of that. Everyone thinks their ethical mind is better than some others. Usually self righteous bible thumping idiots.

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