19 thoughts on “Mac mini in an old Apple II disk drive

  1. mac has lost its appeal now everyone is in on it!

    i used to feel part of an exclusive club now i feel irratated that everyone else owns a mac!

    Stop buying macs before i have to go back to windows!

  2. Im Sorry but macs suck and anyone who loves staring at the wirly bannanas going round and round while the mac considers wether it is am or pm is mental, im forced to use a mac at work everyday, some days i just want to punch it, my CBM Amiga 3000-30 was multi tasking while the mac was still a sperm.
    phewww, ok i feel better now

  3. @funky gibbon:

    I too work on a Mac, but I have to say, I’ve spent WAY more time waiting for my PC than the mac at work. I’ve been working on PCs for twenty years (my Tandy 1000 didn’t come with a hard drive) and I still love to play with DOS, but my Mac just works, 99% of the time. Windows, on the other hand, has to be reinstalled every six months for good performance, regardless of how much preventative maintenance I do. That doesn’t mean, of course, that I would give it up, I like too much PC stuff and I can’t afford a new Mac.

  4. @abdar_b

    I don’t deni they are reliable and i get what you say about reinstalling windows, i work on a G4 and it’s so damn slow, I can type away then pause and watch the letters being typed, only 2 things i like about the Mac is apple-T boot and sending sarcastic messages to apple when it crashes

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