SheevaPlug, Tiny Linux Server


This little wall plug is actually a full computer with 1.2GHz cpu, with 512MB of RAM and 512MB of of flash memory. It comes with versions of linux, ported for its ARM processor. At $50, this cool system could be finding itself in a lot of homes. You can get more information from the manufacturer. What uses can you think of for it?

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132 thoughts on “SheevaPlug, Tiny Linux Server

  1. I have decided that it will run a mail server. I might power it using an RF antenna, or an earth battery, but I am not sure yet. I doubt my router could supply the power RF… but that would be trippy if it could! How many watts are floating through the air that could be harvested effectively is the real question, I think.

  2. If they only added HomePlug to it … but in this format, it’s basically useless. You’re probably better off with a router that can run OpenWRT or other open Linux distribution.

  3. Yeah, marvel doesnt have to do the upgrade themselves. They can just bring out the pinouts of the chip, more like a breakout board. Then, let the hackers tinker with it. That way they might attract more buyers and sales. That wont increase the price cause there wont be additional parts, but would make the sheevaplug more hackable.

  4. Just orderd one. I am going to take the converter of to make a wifi robot.I’ll put a wifi acces point on it use an Arduino for the stearing a playstation eye and feed it with 5V from some lipo’s probably. Does anyone has a suggestion for a (usb)gps?

  5. i have the perfect idea. have a look on ( they make bubba servers) and order the bubba os on a 512 usb stick and install it on this.
    the bubba servers are made to be controlled over a network and also use arm processor

  6. Might have to pick one up to use with a U401 ( for easy input and output. I can see putting this in the cabin and having a security system by running door-switch sensors into a U401, or even a flood sensor for the sump pump. For that matter temperature sensors via 1-wire devices and have the server report temperature every hour.

  7. Needs a port for ext. power! seriously. what to do with it. I am certain wifi will be on the list – who is supplies a USB wifi that will work w/ the install linux should be in the FAQ

  8. Forget the traditional stuff. Try thinking outside of the box people. Since this thing is portable and cheap, you could use it to automate your garagem or shed Coupled with a Teensy, you can control garage operations, extend internet, monitor webcams

  9. Mine arrived yesterday. Nice packaging with a magnetic flap there is a regular laptop type power cord in the box as well and it looks like the plug can be removed, but it is very tight. I’ll have more once I connect to it.

  10. Just ordered mine last night, not expecting it until late May. hoping by then there will be some nice mods on the net about it. It would also be nice if someone can figure out the pin layout so we can activate the second Gigabit connection. Planning on using my first on as a Firewall. waiting to see what consumer models are made from this before I get more. may just stick with the dev kit, as the only 2 I have found for sale both remove the SD slot and the mini USB Jtag.

  11. I wonder if it could be used for some type of VIOP application? Maybe use it for the Magic Jack so that you didn’t have to run your computer all the time to be able to use the phone. Just plug it into your Internet connection and into the wall. That would make the Magic Jack something more practical to own and use.

  12. @louis ii
    use the rf power from the air and maybe some kind of power harnessing from the voltage present in ethernet. not sure on standards or potential bad side effects but it seems a few simple mods could make this thing a lot more stealth, like able to sit inside the ethernet wall jack and run from aforementioned power sources

  13. Quote:
    “pop on a 500GB external hard drive, connect (remotely) via SSH, and control it. It’s like hacking into a remote computer, but in reverse. You could use it to do things (like download torrents) for several weeks, then just collect it when you’re ready to claim your loot!”

    Good idea, but you may aswell just put them in friends or relatives houses.

    how would one go about implementing this?

  14. I purchsed one of these a few weeks ago. Aside from some sketcy upgrade instructions, it’s ovall a pretty good device. It’s ARM, so not everything under the sun is available .. but everything I needed was. Finding a wireless dongle to with the the latest 2.6 kernels wasn’t much effort (I had one hiding in a box in my closet).

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