PropIRC: Propeller Based IRC Client


Many people don’t want to miss anything in their IRC room, so they “idle” or just leave the client open to capture all the conversations. It can be annoying to have it going in the background on your computer though. To remedy this, [Harrison] built a simple computer from a propeller microcontroller that’s only purpose is to connect to IRC servers. It can take a regular PS2 keyboard and works with a standard monitor at 1024×768. It’s compact size and low power requirements make it quite a useful tool to have around if you are always on IRC. you can download the source code and schematics on the site.

[Thanks Scott]

18 thoughts on “PropIRC: Propeller Based IRC Client

  1. Wow, this really reminds me of apple. Lots of big corporations are making expensive, proprietary machines, and then some guy pops up and builds a small, cheap, DIY pc in his garage. Maybe he’ll one day build version two, which will become even more popular and will be the ultimate open-source pc?

  2. From TFA:
    “current alternative solutions are not easy to configure and tend to be frowned upon.”

    I don’t buy it. This was an excuse to throw together a cool little project. Any research would have turned up dircproxy or irssi in a remote screen session. Huge numbers of people idle on IRC networks (yay efnet) in this fashion.

    Regardless, I’m now interested in this little piece of hardware… good work =P

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