Microbot For The Robocup 2008


[tioguerra] helped make these tiny bots for the World Robocup 2008 in china. There’s tons of information on the Mixed Reality forum, but you might be specifically interested in the bot section.  There are breakdowns of different aspects, such as charging and IR communication, as well as some great photographs of the unit along with a smaller one. The construction of the robot seems so nicely fit together, someone spent a lot of time getting the design just right.  Since we don’t see a new section for 2009 bots, we are guessing that they’ll use this design again.

14 thoughts on “Microbot For The Robocup 2008

  1. That little thing is awesome, and in a strange way, even kinda cute. :) There’s definitely a lot of swarming possibility there. I cant help but ponder the idea of 500 of these little “creatures” getting together and exhibiting intelligent behavior as a group. Amazing.

  2. The schematics of the “head” are posted in the forums:
    However we have no board layout, because this was designed off the schematics by Citizen. They are also responsible for the rest of the body, so that no plans for the mechanical parts are available.
    Sorry, but currently those robots are only available via Citizen (and quite expensive: ~250 Euros each).

  3. electrical engineers usually terrible with mechanics, so there is a need for platform with all mechanics on it so ee would add control to it and use it, does anyone know such kit ?

  4. This is exactly the way it is: You have to buy the complete robot from Citizen and only have to solder the “support components” yourself: Programmer adapter board, recharger and IR-Transceiver. The schematics for these parts are available in the forums.

  5. At least to my knowledge this is no “official product” of Citizen, so there is no webshop or anything. I am sorry, but I do not know who is the contact person at Citizen for orders (or even if ordering ist possible for non-Robocup uses).

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