Happy Birthday Gameboy


In honor of Gameboy’s 20th birthday, Stupidinventions has released a video showing how to replace the screen. They tend to be a common weak point. Essentially, they just bought another , we’re assuming broken, Gameboy and swapped them out. Not a horribly complicated hack, but nice to know that it’s so easy. We have fond memories of the Gameboy, which came flooding back when he blew in the cartridge.  Happy Birthday Gameboy.

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Gameboy

  1. If its the gameboys birthday, and this is hackaday, why not include links to all the latest gameboy projects for DJ’ing, sound processing, and home brew?
    I’m just as nostalgic and I remember my first gameboy, and having to get an AC adapter to keep playing long hours.
    But come on, Hackaday is sexier then just posting a picture of some dude taking apart a gameboy to replace the screen from another gameboy… Thats not a hack. It’s just repairing with replacement parts.

  2. He spends a little too long advising people about he whole 4 tools needed for the hack. 1 of which is the gameboy itself… The other of which is a “plastic cup or other device” to hold the screws…

  3. I hope you all liked the video!

    I agree with you ziarkaen, but this was meant to help out and explain fixing the Gameboy to people with zero electronics experience whatsoever, so i’m sorry if i repeat myself in the video!

    Also, although there are much more awesome gameboy hacks on this site, I think they posted mine because it mentions and was made to celebrate the Gameboy’s 20th birthday, which was this past tuesday.

    Stupid Inventor

  4. Gee, thanks Slackman….

    i actually agree with you, normally i would do a retake when i start to stutter or forget what i’m saying, but with this video i did everything in one take because i was pressed for time.

    watch my other videos and let me know if you have the same problem, thanks!

  5. i would have left the processor in the old case and the screen in the new case and simply put old back and new front togehter(since the new front is in better shape and orginal gameboy parts should be compatible for screwing)

  6. Let me get this straight… he bought a gameboy that works.. to replace the screen of a gameboy that didnt work..??? why not throw out the broken one and just use the one you bought!? Or throw it back into the electronic junk pile…

  7. Dude.
    You’re keeping original game boy hardware working!

    if I could shake your hand and buy you a cup of coffee i’d do it in a heartbeat!
    Nice work!

    Happy Birthday (belatedly) game boy!

    I run a portable emulator system now, but it all started with game boy back when it first came out.
    I still carry all my GB and GBC favorites to this day.

    Be well!

  8. Thanks strider_mt2k!

    yeah i have my fav GB and GBC games running on an emulator on my DS, but it’s just not the same as holding the loveable grey brick in my hands!

    Glad you enjoyed! Check out the rest of my Stupid Inventions and let me know what you think!

    Zachary Snyder
    Stupid Inventor

  9. This is useless. Use the new GB instead, which is in better shape !!!
    What we are looking for is to replace a defective screen by a new one and not taken from an original GB.

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