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We posted a story about someone doing some APRS tracking recently. This is old news to some, but new fresh stuff for others. If you want to build your own tracker, here’s a great writeup on one.  The WhereAVR is low cost, low power and has plenty of I/O.  With all of the schematics and PCB files available on his site, you should be able to get one working in quickly. He does need a little help building a nice simple configuration tool to work in windows, anyone want to volunteer?

8 thoughts on “WhereAVR APRS Tracker

  1. wow, super great project. I’ll definitely use it in one of my incoming projects…

    I do wonder however why did he bother to make R2R ladder since the same could be accomplished with PWM and 2 stage low pass filter. Although this solution would have similar component count it would be easier to implement in software… Does anyone know of any downside to using this approach?

    Since he is using Atmega8 (same as arduino) there would no work at all to make it work with arduino. The only thing you have to change are frequencies calculations (or the crystal on arduino).

  2. @jelengar

    the chip on an Arduino varies with model and revision number… also, the arduino environment makes a few changes before sending it to the board, so if he wants to use that code he has to make sure that the code will run in a test in the Arduino IDE first, unless he uses his own programmer…

  3. I posted this link to hackaday after seeing it, as I too would be interested in getting it to work in the arduino environment.

    I’m particularly interested in how the zero crossing detector code would work, as this is a really useful approach for processing audio.

    I think this could also make a nice weather station aprs node etc…

    Theres another similar project here http://www.ringolake.com/pic_proj/zcd/zcdmodem.html

  4. This is hot.. I like the r2r ladder he made.. Getting a hold of a MX chip is like pulling teeth.. I was wondering myself how that could be accomplished via software.. Great project.. If I ever get around to making one, I will attempt to make a windows interface for it… ;) NICE WORK!

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