Fart Intensity Detector


When we ran the story about the office chair that twittered your flatulent activity, many people commented on the fact that it had no method of determining intensity. Well, here’s the solution to that problem(is this really a problem?).  These students built a fart intensity detector for their final project in ece 476.  It measures the sound and temperature, as well as the composition of each fart. They really added some bells and whistles on this project. Not only will it display your statistics on and LCD screen after a reading, it will beep and, if your fart was intense enough, blow it away with a little fan. You even have the option of playing back the audio recording of your most recent glory.

TouchKit Spark Released


NOR_/D has just released their newest multitouch display system. The TouchKit Spark features a larger 35.4x23inch display surface than its predecessor, the Run. It uses ultrabright IR LEDs around the screen’s border for FTIR multitouch sensing. A high frame per second IR camera is included to increase tracking performance. The screen is fully assembled, but you need to provide your own projector and case. It can be built at table height or as low as 20inches. The device is designed to work with OpenFrameworks, but future software releases will have TUIO support.

WhereAVR APRS Tracker


We posted a story about someone doing some APRS tracking recently. This is old news to some, but new fresh stuff for others. If you want to build your own tracker, here’s a great writeup on one.  The WhereAVR is low cost, low power and has plenty of I/O.  With all of the schematics and PCB files available on his site, you should be able to get one working in quickly. He does need a little help building a nice simple configuration tool to work in windows, anyone want to volunteer?