TouchKit Spark Released


NOR_/D has just released their newest multitouch display system. The TouchKit Spark features a larger 35.4x23inch display surface than its predecessor, the Run. It uses ultrabright IR LEDs around the screen’s border for FTIR multitouch sensing. A high frame per second IR camera is included to increase tracking performance. The screen is fully assembled, but you need to provide your own projector and case. It can be built at table height or as low as 20inches. The device is designed to work with OpenFrameworks, but future software releases will have TUIO support.

14 thoughts on “TouchKit Spark Released

  1. This will work with any optical multitouch system not just openframeworks tracking soft! There are a multitude of freeware blob trackers out there and playstation eye cameras can be modded easy to work with FTIR, LLP, Rear DI.

  2. seems to m they are charging thousands of dollars for about 60-70 dollars worth of materiel, instructions and code can be found all over the net, and its just two accrylic sheets sanwiching ir leds and a translucent sheet, seems a little ridiculous to me.

  3. actually the specific material they are using, just for the back piece cost a few hundred dollars and the camera again is a few hundred and the time to cut the pieces cost money (unless you have a laser cutter, but then you’re looking at a 10k piece of machine)

    I tried to DIY, it cost a lot more then you’d think.

  4. diy is cheap (relative).
    for about 250 dollar’s you’ll have all the items needed, and no need for a laser cutter.
    a bit of electronics, woodworking en patience and you’ll have a good solid table for a whole lot less.
    a projector goes for about 400 dollars here (netherlands), a simple wooden table to use as a base is 50 dollars (IKEA :P). that makes a grand total of about 650 dollar. that’s a complete table.
    software comes from the almighty internet or the guy behind the keyboard. or from the touchkit site, as their code is free (see faq).
    so that’s 4 complete tables for the price of 1 expensive touckit.

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