Pressure Sensor Tutorial


[Ladyada] has released this tutorial on using pressure sensors. They cover everything from the basics of their construction through how to connect and read data from them. The elegant sensor pictured above is available through the adafruit store, but you could always build your own.

[thanks pt]

12 thoughts on “Pressure Sensor Tutorial

  1. nice writeup. try conductive foam sandwiched between two pieces of window screen, works great as a resistive pressure sensor.

    this reminds me of the parts posts. what happened to those? *hint*hint*

  2. Another type of gauge that can be used in such an application is the simple foil strain gauge, which works on the same resistance principle, but instead is adhered directly to the surface of an object to measure the strain. The readings can be calibrated to known pressures or forces, effectively turning any elastic material into a “pressure sensor”.

  3. i just drove a lm324N opamp from TI to behave as a pressure sensor. flex the chip a certain way and you;ve very accurate linear 0-5v 100-2kg scale :D yay for experimenting. also the chip was 17p

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