DS Optical Mouse Camera


[Raguaviva] shows us in this video how he’s using an optical mouse as a low quality camera for his DS. This seems like a pretty cool hack, but we’re at a loss to think of a good use for it. As he gets to the end of the video, he seems to also have trouble thinking of a good use for it. Do you guys have any ideas?

PSP Laptop

30j0m1l (Custom)

[Folklord36] on the Acidmods.com forums has been working on a PSP laptop that we think gives the PSP GO a run for it’s money. Sure it may be a bit bulkier but it has a full keyboard, thanks to an Xbox chat pad. The original psp is on the bottom. The screen and speakers have been moved to the top. He says there are still a lot of things that need to be finished, but this is pretty impressive already.

[thanks Robin]