The Holy Toaster Kit


The holy toaster is an open source kit to put Jesus on your toast, complete with cost breakdown and engineering data files. A laser machined stainless steel Jesus blocks a pattern of radiation from browning the toast. Installation is quite simple. Use a pair of pliers to bend a few tabs for support, and then insert the pattern in the toaster. Browning adjustments may be required to obtain adequate contrast. Best results appear to come from Honey Bran Country Bread. Their Flickr page contains more photos and a video of the prototype being cut. Let everyone know about your divine toast with the twittering toaster we had covered in 2008. Below is the instructional video.


39 thoughts on “The Holy Toaster Kit

  1. I like how Jesus is West-Germanic, makes me feel closer to him somehow ( /sarcasm. )

    But I would like to see something else, like maybe Elvis toast? Or Megan Fox toast?

    Could this work with toaster pastries (or even come integrated with the toaster pastry? Possibly as some lemon juice that browns more than the bread.)

  2. This technology can only drive down the prices of “bonafide” miraculous religious images that any plain toaster may spit out. Sorry EBay ;). This could also be used to make Holy Communion a bit more “hip”. This list of fun images is almost endless

  3. hahaha! love it!

    ignore anyone who gets offended by your project

    what about a virgin mary to go along with all of those dirty griddles and water stains that people see shapes in?


  4. I think I’d prefer something more geeky like Pac-Man & ghost, Space Invaders, Mario, Sonic etc. or some known sci-fi sillhouettes like spaceships from Star Wars, Star Trek etc.

  5. @static: oh well, we shouldn’t be too public about this then. I for one will order some inserts and have my toaster battery running 24/7 to fuel my jeezustoast ebay shop. (Really, when the auction goes up to 30k$, who looks at the ‘900 more available’ counter anyway?)

    Of course, the super nerds do their toast holification directly with the laser cutter/toaster.

  6. Wow. Just like fire or the wheel, all the other cavemen must have been stunned that they did not think of it earlier. Just ordered mine. Might walk across the street to the Media Lab to pick it up sooner. I cannot express in words how perfect this is.

  7. Kidding aside for a second — if you made the same laser cut drop in out of some kind of non-conductive ceramic or something (unless you want to be liable for electrocution lawsuits) you could absolutely sell this via ThinkGeek or similar sites.

  8. agent420, you just solved everything

  9. I had this same freaking idea right down to the tabs. Found this because I was searching for a Jesus cut out to make it. I was going to call it Jesus toast and put it on Ebay as a marketing ploy. Unbelievable, so hard to have an original idea anymore.

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