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SparkFun has started to release some of their kits as open-source hardware. Projects such as ClockIt, a simple alarm clock, have their schematics, board designs, and source code released under the CC-by-sa license. Although most of their widgets and projects already had example code and schematics available, they are now using an open-source license. They are joining adafruit and EMSL and others in pushing OSH, but it is interesting to see an established company turn to this. Normally, startups do this to encourage early adoption.

[via adafruit]

8 thoughts on “SparkFun Open-sources Latest Kits

  1. For what it’s worth, I’m a web developer / sysadmin / general purpose nerd at SFE, and we’re also working on being a little better at open source _methods_. I’m hoping to get most of our in-house product designs and source code hosted on GitHub within a few months.

  2. Nice move. I do wish there was a Sparkfun in the UK – I buy from there occasionally but the postage charges do limit impulse buying.

    Actually that’s probably a good thing ;-)

  3. Sparkfun rocks. I have seen that alarm clock kit upgraded with a pic and one of those Ethernet to rs232 devices to make the alarm clock always adjust it’s time from a NTP server as well as adjust the alarm based on predetermined events.

    Web interface for setting made it Rock hard.

  4. @fartface – i’ve long had that idea in the back of my mind for a “one day” project, do you have a link with details of how it was done / source code?

  5. the “everyone wins” point of open sourcing is that our basic information base expands. Except? It’s not merely an expansion or multiplication- it’s an exponential explosion. One which may usher in the singularity scenarios of fictions. But from an often overlooked potential source. Projects by single hackers reconfiguring the genius of others.

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