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You would be hard pressed to find a hacker who doesn’t have in some form a rats nest of wires and cables behind their computer desk. [Antoine] decided to tackle the problem and came up with his custom built cable management system. There is little info, but he does say his setup uses Ikea Antonius coat hangers and some hollow tube. Its quick and wont leave a residue like some cable solutions, so long as you don’t mind a screw hole or two. We especially like how if you need to change your setup you wont have to re-zip tie everything.

19 thoughts on “Custom Cable Management

  1. Yeah, I know about this ready made wire management system, but they are somewhat expensive compared to this solution. On top of that, the Ikea was out of them at that time.

    Either way, this might give ideas people that do not have an Ikea nearby as I am pretty sure you can find coat hangers like the ones I used at any hardware store.

  2. i like the box in the picture. canadian forces standard issue. also available at canadian tire! also i have the same speakers and they are a godforsaken mess of wires.. brass hooks work but i cant for the life of me figure out how to say ‘brass hooks’ in french. i hate this province sometimes.

  3. @stevediraddo: Canadian tire sells them.
    «un crochet en laiton» should work

    what city in Québec do you live in where staff doesn’t speak English, but you can find an anglophone job?

  4. Im sorry to say this, but it is pretty sad when they post stuff like this on Hack a Day. I was able to manage my cables without a article on how to do it. I hope others don’t NEED an article in order to do that properly.

  5. I like to use 2″ black hot water pipe insulation and some velcro straps for my cable management.
    The tube insulation already has a slice cut in it wich makes it easy to ge the wires in. It can also be easily cut to length with a pair of scissors and it takes a coat of latex paint well too.
    I then use the velcro straps to keep it all together.

    It looks neat and tidy and stops the pets from getting at the wires.

    I use it for the back of the tv and for behind the computer desks.

  6. “management” seems to mean bundling a load of cables up rather than actually planning their deployment in any real sense…

    I suppose the problem is trying to cable up an existing room. I’d love to see some purpose built furniture etc though. Maybe a false floor like server rooms have.

  7. The problem for me is that as soon as I bundle some cables I find I need to move one of them, for some reason I never has a configuration that I don’t end up needing to change and then when it’s all tied up and bundled things get nasty.

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