Circuit Board Instrument


[Moldover] decided to change up the way CDs are packaged for his album release. Yes, you still get a CD with some pretty sweet music, but the case can also play sounds. He custom printed a circuit board containing some LEDs, buttons, photoresistors, and what looks to be a piezo transducer which all combine to produce a strange whine like noise. But with the included headphone jack, he shows it can be used to produce some very interesting music – reminds us of circuit bending.

[Thanks Ferdinand]

9 thoughts on “Circuit Board Instrument

  1. he could have put a single light sensor under the cd in the case, so that the printed design on the actual cd would play music when spun.

    Light passes through empty spots on cds, so with simple dithering in the printed design you could make it play “happy birthday” or something similar when spun. Similar to old music boxes.

    So music on the cd in digital form, and a nice little chiptunish song built into the print on the cd, with a player in the case.

  2. I like the idea, there are a lot fun of things you could do with the general concept. Awesome idea to make use of that dead space in a cd case by stuffin it with electronics.

    He does call it a theremin, which it clearly isn’t, but whatever it is, it is an amusing idea and very nicely implemented.

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