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It’s great in this day and age that browsers can remember our passwords for us, allowing us cross-site security without the hassle of memorizing a million different random passwords. It’s great, that is, until we forget our master password. Fret not, though; there is a solution. The folks over at Lifehacker show us how to use FireMaster to recover forgotten or misplaced Firefox master passwords. Perhaps a better solution is to just store those tricky passwords where nobody will find them.

13 thoughts on “Firefox Master Password Recovery Tool

  1. most people who use master passwords do so because they realize the importance of having a different password for everything. in other words, they’re not the kind of people who would use a password that this thing can practicaly brute force. there are always exceptions of course.

  2. Is it just me or is hackaday getting just more diluted every day?

    I don’t need to see 10 posts a day cluttering my reader, just the one or two that are really hacks, or related to electronics modding …

    I’m just saying, this blog is getting quite lame as time passes :(

  3. What’s interesting is that every image of this app running is cropped so that the actual number of tries remaining is cut off. The reason that’s interesting is because, as most of you should know, the number of permutations needed is directly related to the strength of the password. One million brute force attempts is relatively easy. One hundred trillion attempts is significantly more difficult.

    I find I’m asking myself if this program is worth the effort for an averagely complex password of 17 characters (give or take a few). If it would take a couple of weeks, maybe. If it would take years … definitely not.

    @zero: it doesn’t help anyone to complain about the content. I do find password cracking interesting even if it doesn’t fit your definition of hacking…

  4. The screenshot tell somthing about the speed: around 90000 attempts per second on this page and about 150k on the linked one.

    For 17 letters (not mixed case) that’ll be around 250 billion years… ;)

    Even with 8 Characters (mixed case, only letters) this would take around 5000 Years.

    This is a good thing. Else I’d have to put the passwordfile inside a Truecrypt container or something like that. If I can bruteforce it, so can others (assuming they get their hands on the file).

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