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Anyone with children will understand the value of this project immediately. This is an Arduino controlled sound activated crib rocker. [Lars] built a custom suspension system for his baby’s crib which allows a servo, mounted to the floor to rock it gently back and forth. Ok, maybe it’s a vigorous rocking, but that’s what some kids want. At least he’s safe and moderately immobile. He had to make a custom amplifier circuit to get his microphone working with the Arduino. It seems to all work perfectly now, triggering to begin rocking when it detects the baby’s cries. This should buy them a few extra minutes of sleep until the baby is truly hungry or annoyed. You can see a video of it in action and download the Arduino code on the project page.

[via littlebridceo]

16 thoughts on “Arduino Crib Rocker

  1. Very ingenious. It is a bit loud, but a higher quality server ought to do the trick. I would also add color changing LEDs for a better baby experience.

    finally, you could also keep track of how long the sound threshold you are using remains. If it goes beyond a certain time, then the Arduino could notifiy you by wireless. Just a thought.

    Oh… and Kikkoman: it’s not evil to let babies cry if they just want attention or are bored. If they know that they will be attended each time they make a sound… then you’ll have some relaly spolied children :)

  2. To:
    “crying children need love, not fucking arduinos.”
    “This man is right!”

    Maybe you didn’t just go through 4 months of baby waking up every 2-3 hours like I did. My little one has just turned 5mo and is finally waking up just once a night and is finally able to sooth himself (to a degree).

    I was actually planning on making this same exact thing, but it was going to be a bit more tricky since his bassinet was at a 30 degree angle due to my child having such bad reflux.

    I say kudos!

  3. While it may seem like a callous invention at first sight, this is not depriving the child of anything. Many babies will wake and cry, needing only some stimulus or distraction to calm them down. That’s what mobiles are for (some of those are sound activated too). He’s not letting an Arduino raise his child (finally a project that one ISN’T overkill for). he’s simply buying a few more minutes of sleep. Any parent can identify with that. The baby will let him know when he wants real attention. A little bit of rocking just won’t cut it.

  4. @spacecoyote17
    I’m assuming you are referencing my above comment
    “He’s not letting an Arduino raise his child (finally a project that one ISN’T overkill for). ”

    I’m stating that an arduino would not be overkill for the project of raising a child. It would probably be somewhat underpowered… I think.

  5. kikkoman and jeremy:

    A parent with a good nights sleep is more beneficial than a crib rocker would be harmful, if you haven’t yet reproduced to discover this, i suggest you try out for a darwin award. if you have, tell me, how many hours in a day do your kids sit in front of the tv. I can’t tell you how many times i had to get up at 2 and 4 am for late night feedings and had to be at work at 7am. sleeping in 3 hour shifts is no fun either, I wish i had something like this when my girls were born. it may not have been 100% effective, but you take what you can get.

  6. Those who havent had to raise kids think this is horrible, those of us who have had at least one child know the truth. Sure you could have had a perfect baby, if so have another one no 2 are ever alike so you wont be as lucky. I would have killed for an arduino rocker 4 years ago.

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