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This past weekend, Berlin played host to Music Hack Day – an event where attendants built and tested hacks, contraptions, and software all dealing with sound, music, or the distribution thereof. Some of the hacks are simply mind blowing to see built in only a day or two. Like the location based or Tracks on a Map – mapping out where your music is from. Or the music based games and composition tools, iLoveAcid squencer and MaschineFighter – adding some crazy fun to MIDI.

Oh, we almost forgot, we can’t go an entire post without mentioning something Arduino; named Xylobot – a set of servos powered by Arduino, tapping out rhythm on a xylophone (video above). Another Hack Day is planned so keep an eye out.

[Thanks robb]

10 thoughts on “Berlin Hack Day

  1. hi, nice that you cover Music Hack Day. Really was an incredible awesome amount of fun for everyone. I hope that there are going to be more in the near future.

    I just wanted to clarify something, so people do not to get over excited. Tracks On A Map and CitySounds weren’t just built in one day. We continued tweaking them afterwards … so a lot of more man and woman-power were used to push them forward …

    But still: Getting into hyperflow for 20-hours does result in incredible projects :)

  2. glockenspiel or xylophone, man that’s picking battle that may never see a conclusion. Every generation of kids learn it as a xylophone, if they ever hear a name put to it all. A kid hammering away at one or someone who can play a recognizable tune, the things aren’t pleasant to my ears at all.

  3. you know this is pretty sweet … and as for servos their better. they are geared for weight. Finding the right weighted spring would be a pain. Besides the servos can be programed to go back to a set location and if he wanted to add a second xylophone it can be placed above the hammers and program the servos to work in reverse for a second set of tones for a different effect.

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