See Through Walls Via Wireless Network


Researchers at the University of Utah have been able to detect movement in a room based on variations in wireless signals. Accurate to about a meter, they are using a 34 node wireless network to do their sensing.  As a person moves, they change the signals, and can therefore be detected. They state one possible application being rescue workers deploying multiple wireless nodes around a building to find people located inside.

[via Gizmodo]

22 thoughts on “See Through Walls Via Wireless Network

  1. First:cool as hell
    Second: Maybe I am missing something but I wonder if this could be implemented with standard wifi, if not could some one give me an explanation as to why not, I am thinking to much interference.

  2. Perhaps a RADAR but based on communications modules available to anyone. From the article:

    “They’ve even tested the idea with a 34-node wireless network using the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless protocol, the protocol for personal area networks employed by home automation services such as ZigBee.”

    Now I’m wondering how thick the walls can be; and would it eventually be possible to build a georadar with useful range (yes, a lot sexier than a metal detector).

  3. Not really radar though is it, as that uses phase scattering, this uses intensity measurement? Still an interesting use of existing kit, I like it. Maybe its RIMDAR? (Radio intensity motion detection and ranging) :-)

  4. in batman they had a much more complex problem, the positions of the receivers were not known with fine granularity beyond gps/cell triangulation, where in this case it seems the locations were fairly well known.

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