Office Warfare


a Ruler, rubber band, and a pen make a bow and arrow? How about tape, a ping pong ball, and a lighter coming together to make a ‘Zooka. We didn’t think such destructive weapons could possibly be made from office supplies, but the famous [John Austin] is here to prove us wrong. He’s been miniaturizing toys and their munitions including Transformers, Star Wars, Jurassic Park for years. With the resent release of his new book, he’s left us the grace of a few teasers.

[Thanks Chris]

16 thoughts on “Office Warfare

  1. They all look good, I think I will construct a few claymores. But I know from past experience that ping pong balls are very flammable so I don’t think that is for inside the office.

  2. I cannot believe this guy is claiming he designed these things.

    All he did was browse instructibles and youtube and plagarize other people’s work without giving any credit.

    What a plagarist…

  3. we used to make the “bb pencil” all the time in school. and also did some magic with mouse traps, they have tremendous strength but they are very loud. As far as the “bb pencil” goes. Why would you use tape the wrapthe rubber band when you can just rap it around the pocket clip. Of course you need the bic mechanical pencils. Springs are always fun for randomness. You never know where they will go! You might lose an eye! awesome

  4. Fun…. but this is HACK A DAY I don’t see how this is HACKING. Its what I did in elementary school. I invented the paper clip grappling hook and the mini paper airplane launcher.

  5. Will, if you don’t see how this is hacking, you have no idea what hacking is. I’m not trolling, it’s just true. Go read up on the subject.

    I made a cool catapult one time.

    Weighted Scotch-Tape Dispenser
    Plastic Spoon
    Rubber Bands

    Remove the roll of tape. Rubber-band the end of the spoon handle to the triangle-shaped core that the tape goes on. Put another rubber band around the front end of the dispenser (where the tape-cutter is located) and the other end around the back of the spoon. Load and fire!

    My finished version used a banded-on crossbar (read: broken segment of pencil) to stop the spoon when it was 90 degrees (vertical) to get the best trajectory, so a bit of experimentation is needed. My version used two or three medium sized rubber bands for power, and would hurl a ketchup packet around 20 feet with only about twelve inches of vertical drop at that range.

  6. I remember making a pen shooter out of a pen with ink pack as the dart and pipe cleaner flights that stuck in the wall from across the room. Tape the elastic to the tube, put the ink cartridge in and pull. The rest writes itself, hurts like hell. (Oh God… that one went in !!!) They were banned from my public school shortly thereafter, as dangerous weapons.

  7. My favorite one to make when I’m bored in the cube is 1x can-o-air + 1x Long style bulletin board push pin that has had it’s end cut off. I can it to embed itself in the other side of the cube across from me from my cube.

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