ED, The Electric DeLorean


Who wouldn’t want a DeLorean, honestly it has to be the one of the coolest cars around, what with its gull wing doors and stainless steel siding. Joking aside [Tom Neiland] and [Dave Delman] went even further, creating eD, the electric DeLorean. It contains around 910 pounds of deep cycle lead batteries, custom transmission adapter plate, and a WarP 9 DC motor controlled by a water cooled 2000 amp Z2K-HV, all together to produce 200 horsepower reaching over 85 miles per hour.

The project cost ended up around $18,000 and they plan to add even more including a digital dash and Lithium batteries to extend the cars travel distance from the currently limited 30-40 miles on a single charge. Unfortunately the two couldn’t get their flux capacitor working, but we feel Dr. Brown would still be proud. Check out a video after the break and the writeup at Jameco.

[Thanks Tech Olive]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iB-Dj3dPN-w&feature=player_embedded%5D

34 thoughts on “ED, The Electric DeLorean

  1. If Doc Brown had done his DeLorean electric in the first place, he wouldn’t get stuck in the old west because he was out of gas!

    Nicely done!

    Add the Mr. Fusion and you’ll get unlimited range!

  2. Cool looking car, still a few around in the UK. Aweful handling and incredibly slow to start with, no idea why you’d make the handling even worse and bearly raise the power. And for 18K. Just not worth it IMO (and I like modifying cars!)

  3. @AllenKII: nice quote reference.

    Yea come on they could have at least shot for 88mph top speed as a requirement.
    And I agree, throw 3 neon tubes in there to make the appearance of the flux capacitor just for the giggles of it.

    200hp.. I know you might call BS on that but the tourque output of electric vs. ice is ridiculously high for the amount of power input. The ratio is far better. ice is just cheaper to work with even though it is only 45% efficient overall in comparison to other options.

    If they seriously got into mass production of ev type systems the costs would fall to reasonable levels. Noone really wants to foot the bill on the “risk” end of it due to years of oil company propaganda about power from electric vs. petro.

  4. @RJST : Doc Brown’s Delorean was electrical. It’s just that it’s hard to generate enough jiggawatts with only lead acid cells. You need a tiny fission reactor, tiny (mr.) fusion reactor, or a bolt of lightning.

    Don’t you know anything about science?

  5. Why do so many electric vehicles use DC motors at low voltage and such ridiculous current?

    Why not a good old fashioned three-phase synchronous or induction motor at 800 volts or so? Controller could be some beefy 1200 V IGBTs with a DSP doing space vector modulation. Plus, you get regenerative braking pretty easily.

  6. The Time Travel components and hover equipment were electrical, but, if memory serves, Doc Brown said that the car still had a conventional gasoline motor. The bulk of those items were shot when it got shot by lightning in the 50’s timezone.

  7. Hey, I have seen this up close! They had a green transportation expo of some sort at a local campus (Palm Beach county, FL). And yes, the Flux Capacitor is non-functional.

    Oh, and the DeLorean Motor Company will build you a classic DMC-12, or you can wait for the 2011 DMC Solstice.

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