Halloween Props: Alien Costume


[creatrope] sent in this slick Alien costume that he made for his son. The costume does look decent, but not professional. For something tossed together from parts around the house, it looks fantastic. The real kicker, is the fact that it has the retractable inner mouth. The retractable mechanism is constructed from Legos and extends when his son opens the mouth. We think he did a fantastic job with this costume, but if you’re looking for something a little more polished, check out this Alien made by [Asy0uw1sh ] you can see a little more detail on how it works here.

13 thoughts on “Halloween Props: Alien Costume

  1. yes it looks fake, but who cares? I’m sure the kid doesn’t. he probably thinks it’s cool because his dad made it. that’s what really counts. I say good job. can’t wait to see next years model.

  2. It’s realy not that bad. Were your costumes any better? It’s for a kid, and on top of that, for one night of the year. I know I won’t be spending huge ammounts of money and time on my costume. There’s no point in doing that.

  3. For a kid’s costume, this is pretty bad ass. Reminds me the detailed Donatello costume my mother made me when I was 8, complete with a huge stuffed and painted shell. Things like these are way better than the store bought crap everyone else wears.

    At least he didn’t dress the kid up as an Arduino.

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