Uzebox In An NES Controller

[David Cranor] has managed to fit a fully working Uzebox system into an old NES controller. Uzebox, an open source gaming platform based on the ATmega 644 and an AD725 NTSC encoder, is one of a couple systems that are becoming more and more widespread and accessible. There are a number of ready-to-go Uzebox kits available, but for the more hands-on types, [David] has been very generous with his schematics and step by step instructions. These schematics can all be readily reshaped, and would easily fit into controllers with less fun applications and sentimental value.

6 thoughts on “Uzebox In An NES Controller

  1. That’s pretty cool, looking at the design though he probably could have condensed the board down enough to contain the batteries in the controller as well.

    Honestly though NTSC and Audio output sucks down battery power with a vengeance, the best solution would probably be a mini USB jack that could pull double duty for use with a wall wart/external battery-pack/downloading new games to the device. best scenario would be internal rechargeable batteries with a mini USB jack though.

    Even still, that’s a pretty neat project.

  2. Thanks for the feature and positive comments!

    I’m aware of the shortcomings (battery outside the case, nes controller, jumpers and 0 ohm resistors galore, ugh)…..the trick is that this was for a class project and I only had a week to pull it off with the nes controller that I had.

    Version 2 will be a lot better since I will actually be able to spend an appreciable amount of time designing it and gathering the proper materials….

  3. I am in the process of taking a old snes controller gutting it and putting in a usb hub, a u3 flashdrive and a keyboard controller. The buttons are connected as keyboard presses. The u3 autostarts zsnes with every possibly snes game on the stick. Its usb interfaced and everything is in the controller. I am still however waiting on the keyboard. Everything else is soldered together and ready. Total cost is about $15 not including the u3 flash drive.

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