Bulbdial Clock Kit Released

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has just released a Bulbdial clock kit. This has come a long way since their first prototype, featuring three PCBs to carry the 72 charlieplexed LEDs. For accuracy they’ve included an optional header for a ChronoDot precision RTC.

With a great looking face and laser-cut acrylic case available, this may soon adorn our mantle. Time to write that letter to Santa…

Update: [Windell] of EvilMadScientist.com posted some video of the clock in action.  We’ve embedded it after the break.


12 thoughts on “Bulbdial Clock Kit Released

  1. For $85 that is a very reasonable price (with case). The amount of work that went into it had to be pretty substantial and we aren’t talking about someone from some third world country who produced it.

  2. As someone who makes / sells a fair amount of kits, The price seems very, very reasonable. PCB’s are usually priced on how much panel space they take up, those circular panels take up a ton of space and you have to pay more for the routing. Very nice looking!

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