(Yet Another) Twitter This Controlling Arduino That

Christmas may be over, but we still have a couple of cool holiday related hacks for you. One being [Alpay’s] Twitter based interactive Christmas tree ornaments.

We tried to dig up some more information, but it thus far appears a laptop running Processing searches Twitter for specific Christmas related words (like 1337, that’s Christmas-y), sends a buffer to one of three Arduinos which in turn light up a specific ornament. You can check out a live stream here.

For those wanting a bit more information on Arduino and controlling holiday lights, check out [Alpay’s] GE health care version of Twitter lights, or our previous post on controlling Christmas trees, or you might even try [Michael’s] $10 Walmart light controller.

7 thoughts on “(Yet Another) Twitter This Controlling Arduino That

  1. A laptop searches twitter and the Arduino lights up the xmas lights. This is kind of like the email one that lights an LED. Such innovation. I know you guys are in need of filler every now and then but your killing us with all the blinking light themes.

  2. Jakob,I did some of the control circuitry for this, email me for a tour. Sorry some the commenters don’t like it, some of us like lights at Christmas, and Alpay is a true artist.

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