Hackaday At CES

Hackaday is going to the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This year’s show runs January 7-10 and we’re going to use every minute to scout out hacking’s past and future. We’re looking for hacks from the past that have made it into new, commercially available electronics. We also want to get a look at the products that we’ll all be cracking open at some point in the future.

Do you know of something being exhibited that we shouldn’t miss? Tell us what to look out for in the comments.

21 thoughts on “Hackaday At CES

  1. Please keep a look out for the car that can drive itself (Most likely Toyota or Honda). My friends and I have been looking for a way to party all the way down to Mardi Gras in Louisiana from Detroit on the cheap (I need a new car anyway).

    Also consider keeping an eye out for the robot girlfriend. This robot has been known to not only balance the checkbook, pay the bills, clean while you’re away but also take care of any PCB etching you may need done. Also great companion! (Fembot option)

    Louisiana state police, you’ve got a rolling keg party coming, consider this an advanced warning. Girlfriends, I told you it’d come to this eventually! Please keep me posted!


  2. @chris

    OM NOM NOM is just an alternative way of saying it.

    It is not clear which was the original way of saying/writing it.

    I so wanted to go last year (and want to go this year) but it’s not going to happen. I will go to the UK maker faire though…


  3. *Sigh*, same here!
    My boss actually provisionally agreed for me to go to CES2010, but we ended up having some kind of financial trouble and it fell through.
    The other thing is that I work at a University in the IT department, and the CES organisers dont seem all that eager to have non-consumer-industry people coming along – so I hadn’t any idea whether they’d actually let me go or not.
    Hackaday at CES – seems a little odd seeing as the focus will be on seeing how easily brand new consumer electronics products can be pulled apart – lets face it, theres not a manufacturer on the face of the earth that wants us doing that with their products unless they use the magic ‘open standards’ phrase (i.e. rare)!

  4. I’m not sure the ability to disassemble consumer electronics is that important anymore. Not in a day when they are designed to be manufactured by robots into packages as small as possible. Or am I beginning to sound like the old timers who cursed they day when point to point wiring gave way to printed circuit boards? Anyway consumer products will always be a source of inspiration and parts for hardware hackers.

  5. is it true they brought nicola tesla back to life for an appearence this year before he brings the world to an end using google server technology running at it’s natural resonant frequency(6.66 ghz)

    try to smuggle us out some info on the psp 4000 :D

  6. I’d just like to say how much I love this site, and can’t wait to see what you guys will do with these new SHINY (lol) electronics =]

    And@ Frogs
    I hope we can get some info on the next psp too =]

  7. I agree. Coverage of the Suite Systems automation in the Aria would be cool.

    Of course, I’m a bit biased, as I work for Control4.


    I look forward to your CES coverage, whatever you decide to cover.


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