Update: More Pink Wireless-terminal Hacking

[Dave] poked around inside of an IM-ME wireless toy and compiled his findings. He read about the device when we covered it in November and picked up a couple to see what he could do. He patched into the debug port in the CC1110 processor and enabled it by performing a chip erase. He then began mapping out how the processor connects and communicates with the qwerty keyboard, the wireless radio, and the LCD screen. The board is full of test points which make the hardware easy to access. [Dave’s] experiments show that this hackable device is full of potential so let’s see what you can do!

13 thoughts on “Update: More Pink Wireless-terminal Hacking

  1. Excellent news. I picked up one of these myself, but had been intending on bending it to my will using the standard firmware and my own software running on the PC side. I’d be interested to see what Dave turns his into!

  2. Thought I’d found one in the post xmas blitz of clearance toys. It was a non USB IR. Lame. I want one, but I can’t justify having one mailed. I want to be able to text my seven y/o for supper same as the teenager dammit!

    I love that cheap devices are getting hacked. If you’re reversing something, why not pick something cheap? Same challenge, different price.

  3. Hmm, can anyone verify what kju said?
    Is this also true for the european version sold by amazon.co.uk ?
    It states at the box uk.girltech.com — so it might be adapted to the uk?


  4. NL(eu) go one from ebay like $8.
    Now I need some time to hack in to this thing… My friends looked surprised to see me (male 23) with a Pink device. Color and led mod maybe on the way

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