Steampunk Nixie Clock

This single-digit Nixie clock is a thing of beauty. You might hate Steampunk or you might love it, but you have to respect projects where the design gets equal (or more) consideration compared to the function. The electronics used in the project build upon an existing single Nixie design. Instead of hiding the guts inside the clock the PCB has been laid out to augment the design. We think [Blue Metal] hit it out of the park with this one!

14 thoughts on “Steampunk Nixie Clock

  1. I’m assuming the builder found this clock housing sans clock movement. If so, he really has created a thing of beauty.

    I have seen some tendency among steampunks to destroy genuine antiques in order to build their artwork. I’m hoping that’s not the case, here.

    In any event, I would be very interested to see what kind of clock movement was originally in that housing.

  2. I love any project where the design and craftsmanship aspects get as much attention as the function. In my opinion a project needs all of those things to be truly complete.

    Well done!

  3. Thanks for the great comments. The clock was originally one of these common reproductions (most likely produced in India) and housed a cheap clock work and a paper laser printed face. The potential to use the lens and the great patina was there and with some maneuvering the Nixie tube and its base fit very well. Brass is such joy to work with!

  4. Ok, so that’s really cool and there are obviously skills involved. But, um, is it still “steampunk” if there are transistors and ic’s involved? Show me a steam powered nixie tube clock and then I’ll be impressed.

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