Hackaday Links: January 14th, 2010

We saw this home made beekeepers hood posted and actually mistook it for an art piece. We thought it was a Super Mario squid. You can see an example on this image, which is located on a site dedicated to cross stitching video game characters.

In an odd coincidence, not related to the 8 bit textiles above, we also found this Mario themed sweater. We wouldn’t wear it, but we’d love to see Wil Wheaton in it.

No. No no no. Bad Scientists. No treat for you.

There are 4 more links after the break, you’ll want to see them to get that baby out of your head.


We actually saw this one in person at CES. This giant hunk of plastic was turning side to side and slowly waiving its arms. They said it was “dancing”. We didn’t stick around to see if it got any better. Frankly giant anime style robot ladies creep us out, more with the thought of “who is going to buy this?”.

Next time you buy a digital camera and have to explain that it’s not necessarily the amount of megapixels that determines image quality, expect to hear about this 570 megapixel camera. We wonder if they’ve put some good optics in front of those sensors. It is cool looking, if not a bit scary. Do people smile when it is pointed at them, or run for cover?

Here’s a toy that tugs at those nostalgic nerves in the brain. It is a quad copter that is shaped like an X-wing. We really think this would be fun to play with. A front mounted camera would be cool. Maybe they’ll make an X-wing shell for the AR. Drone.

While we are on the subject of Star Wars, we want to leave you with this. A Star Wars themed burlesque show opened in L.A. recently.  Who knew those storm troopers were so sexy under those suits of armor? They do mention that there was a “sexy Jabba the Hut”.

21 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: January 14th, 2010

  1. That’s the most disturbing post to date. Especially if you view original sources like I did. However, it got me thinking… The robot baby is indeed disturbing, but what would happen if we paired the baby’s learning capability with the drone’s wifi and flying capabilities in a sexy Star-Wars themed robot with an 8bit chest-mounted display and 570 megapixel eye-in-the-sky satellite support? I declare, the plot thickens.. Skynet is behind it all! Wrap it all in the Mario sweater and you’ve got the next summer blockbuster ready to serve… with killer bees.

  2. Damn, I can always tell when Krafty Caleb’s responsible for posts.

    HAD should have purchased one of those tasers from CES and rigged it to his chair!

    These links are pretty damaging to the brain…what virgin rtard Star Wars geek thought of going burlesque with female versions of male extra characters from Star Wars? (I’m guessing the Gates lookalike wearing the birth-control Mario sweater.)

    Yeah, I like my busty women to say “these aren’t the droids we’re looking for” as she gives me a lap dance…hell, throw in the robot baby “I found the droid we’re looking for!” for a freaky 3-way.

    Best thing on this page: the overkill camera that would only be used on a Google Maps satellite.

    I’m going to go sit in the closed garage with my truck turned on for a bit. Might clear my head.

  3. Tip for robotics researchers: Refrain mounting faces, heads and other nonsensical things on top of the robot that is not required for normal operation. Unless it is either a) a T-800 skull, or b) an Optimus Prime head.

    Why do almost all of the researchers have the urge to do this? It doesn’t make the robot ‘cute’.

    Having said that, technology behind the baby thing is really cool.

  4. I’ll save everyone the trouble of looking for themselves – jabba is *not* sexy. Picture the largest pair of nylons you can, stuffed with a bunch of balloons. Yeah, not sexy.

    Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  5. Mmm… tank-top sweaters, so fashionable. Especially when combined with video games and worn over a white shirt.

    It’s the type of thing Bill Gates would wear on his first day at school. Then he’d come home with it inside out and half torn after the bigger boys had had a ‘look at it’ :)

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