Palm-sized Atari 2600

[The Longhorn Engineer] is working on a portable Atari 2600. Instead of taking the old gaming system and cramming it into a portable form factor he’s designed his own circuit board in a new-hardware initiative he calls Project Unity. The handheld will include everything you need to play, including video, audio, controller buttons, paddle control, and a cartridge connector. For the demonstration, embedded after the break, he’s using the Harmony Cartridge to store his Atari ROMs but do note that the system is designed to use cartridges rather than work solely as a game jukebox.


9 thoughts on “Palm-sized Atari 2600

  1. I was under the impression that the specs for the 2600 had been released and you could pretty much buy the whole thing on a CMOS chip now?

    Still this is pretty badass/neat. Total props.

  2. Hi,

    I really want to do this to some of my old consoles haning around but haven’t a clue – how do you make the casing and do you basically rip apart the motherboard and place all the components on a new smaller board – obviously not that simple but the general idea- can anyone help me do this step by step and i will publish my findings/workings as the complete beginners guide…. say to convert a 2600 into handheld.

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