Sausage Gun 19mm

If you are anything like us, you find yourself needing, on occasion, to fling sausages at high velocity. [F00] sent in his solution, the SG19. While the details are glazed over pretty quickly, we get the point. This is basically a smaller diameter spud gun, meant to shoot sausage. While it may not be remarkable in its design, we have to wonder who came up with the idea to use sausage as the ammunition.

39 thoughts on “Sausage Gun 19mm

  1. lol, thats awesome, great to shoot at slow cars that piss you off as you hall ass by, or at the jerk thats tail-gating you, or even better yet, at peta protesters XD. god, this thing offers endless joy

  2. Where the hell does one get canned hot dogs? Hot dogs that come in a can deserve to be fired from a cannon.The only thing better would be if it were pneumatic…now where did I put that rainbird?

  3. 1. using hairspray: messy, it gums up the ignitor after a while. use a propane torch, it gives you a proper mixture of fuel and oxygen, no giving it a blow job to get it to go off.
    2. simplify the design: the 1.5 to 1 volume ratio of combustion chamber to barrel works really well, you can scale it to fire from any size barrel as long as you keep the ratio the same.
    3. location location location: dude, get to a park or a field, even a barbecue, but get the hell out of your back yard and have some real fun, c’mon you’re laughing about splattering hotdogs up against a fence. hoe about a sharpened wooden spike, play vampire hunter or something, anything really
    4. ok, i’ve had my rant, nice build otherwise

  4. A larger-calibre cannon could fire Bratwurst – but they’d be difficult to shoot accurately because of the curve. :-)

    The idea of firing tofu sausages is a good one, I can’t for the life of me imagine any other use for them…

  5. i used to make sausages at work. bratwurst don’t have to have a curve. you can even make then look like a cock but i didnt play that joke very often. if i could have labeled them “spiced horse penis” then i def. would have :D
    and aztraph.. here’s what came to mind when i read of your plans for this device: ruptured cervix, odor/infection.
    but it would be so funny to launch at barking dogs. i could see an epidemic of hot-dog choking deaths in the near future.
    you could find some really good deals on ammunition-grade hotdogs sometimes. they have been around 25 cents an 8pack before. def. ammunition grade. hotdog ammunition is fine, but bratwurst.. 1. dangerous 2. i’d rather eat bratwurst than launch it.
    i think if you switch from canned to the kind that actually require refrigeration, if you could find some that are actually round and not squared off from the packing, it would be less messy to create a semi=automatic hotdog gun with a hot-dog hopper, a fuel/air line (1wayvalve) and electronic ignition that doesnt require piezoelectric ignition systems. then you can
    fly around in helicopter & make it rain. i could see the headlines already: NEW WEAPONS FIGHT WAR ON HUNGER

  6. this is my third post on this article, I had 2 back to back, the second i owned my own bad spelling ability, then some poser makes a couple of comments about meat; hack-a-day needs a secure login to post.

    it’s probably someone who can’t stand my anti-circuit bending point of view.

  7. Ho hum what’s new…. Then I watched the video. The sound of the thing, Heck I’m still wiping away the tears from laughing so much.

    The idea of a neighbour wondering how the hell a sausage got on their balcony is pretty good too…

  8. a small toy i’ve been making for years
    involves a piezo sparker, a pill bottle, a pen tube and a pin(so ammo doesnt fall in) and hot glue
    i’ll make a video tutorial soon i guess, made my first when i was like 10
    my little sister is 5, she needs to learn to make 1 :D

  9. Improvements needed include using Vienna Sausages as ammo, getting rid of the muzzle loader technology, and using a tank of fuel to create the combustion. A bolt action style sausage shooter, or sausage 6-shooter would be so sweet.

  10. obviously hack-a-da has never heard of

    there are 1000’s of more interesting cannons firing more interesting things built by hobbyists and every day people…

  11. I’ve used windproof lighter gas mixers for the fuel source and they work very well, albeit a little slow.

    The thing is, when you scale the barrel down in diameter, things start to move really fast. I used one fit for paintballs, and the balls flew much further than what would be considered safe. I tried a ball bearing as well, but the gun shattered.

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