Biped Walks With Eight Servos


This tiny biped shows a lot of coordination in its movements. As you can see, eight servo motors account for the locomotion with an ATmega8 as the brains of the operation. Posts for the first and second generation of this little guy feature several videos. We gather that a spreadsheet is being used to tweak the preprogrammed movement sequences. Trial and error, that’s how humans learned to walk, right?

[Thanks Lazas]

34 thoughts on “Biped Walks With Eight Servos

  1. Addendum:

    I just watched the little guy dancing, he’s pretty funky for a white guy, and if you moved the LEDs up and put a little smile under them his cuteness factor would go up by a factory of 10!

  2. @The Ideanator- thats exactly what i was thinking. it would be best to mount low because any weight on top would screw up the bot.
    but a little camera, mounted on servo/hinge rig so you can aim it with a joystick, and a blu-ray burning laser hack. all mounted at the robot’s ‘crotch’ area. to keep the center of gravity from being too high and maintain the balance.
    best hack i’ve seen in at least a month :D

  3. Awesome project!

    Just one suggestion. Could you not mount a controlled counter weight in the top section. The weight could swing side to side (controlled by servo) as the bot walks so that it does not have to lean so far.

    You’ve inspired me, I really want to build one of these.

    Always wanted a mini-mech.

  4. The legs always appear to stay parallel while walking. So, he could ditch the fixed connections between the top servos and the body in favor of hinges where the axis runs forward and backward. That way, the top platform would stay horizontal.

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