Steampunk Sequencer

[Moritz Wolpert] built this gem of Victorian hardware by hand. It is a sequencer and features beautiful detail work as shown in its MySpace gallery. Other than that we don’t know a lot about it. You can also take a look at [Moritz’s] main page, but prepare to be annoyed by the hideous web-styling that really undercuts the beauty of his physical product.

[Thanks Freax via Schaltzentrale]

26 thoughts on “Steampunk Sequencer

  1. 3 things.

    1. Epic looking piece of kit – but I am not reading your ‘site’, here is for the why:

    2. MySpace is for children
    3. No backdrop, please, for the love of all that is made of brass get rid of the backdrop and use the default colour that appears before it.

  2. I love it!!!

    Just one question, did he call it “steampunk” or did hackaday? I think I see the word steampunk one more time I might puke. I feel like the word gets overused. Is there a difference between steampunk and Victorian era casemod. If I put some electronics in a wood and brass case, is that steampunk?

  3. @NatureTM,

    Aren’t you used by now?
    I mean, the punk style has been overused to define one too many things that shouldn’t be and for decades. The “steampunk” style, as vague as it can be, is gaining in popularity so I must warn you: keep plastic bags in your pockets, I think you’re going to puke big time!

    Still, very nice piece of work… whatever it is.

  4. Wonderful engravery. Would be nice to see some action shots.

    Victorians did not have sequencers so “Steampunk” is as accurate a label as you’ll find. Even without the background the grammar on that page is horrible so not much is lost.

  5. I’m thinking in general (not specific to this article) it’s called “steampunk” because “retarded” is no longer politically correct.

    Add in “myspace”

    And you have a “ipecac” (not epic) combo.

  6. The relevant construction information I could find on the MySpace page with the help of Google Translate (from the original German):

    “the front panel is labeled by hand and decorated etched. All the brass parts are manufactured on a lathe, the casing is completely made of pear wood, and also trained by Mo Wolpert (carpenter). The back wall decorated with a jellyfish which soars an opium pipe. The interior consists of several boards and countless soldering estimated 150m cables”

    Does anyone have any links to writeups on how to do engraving similar to what’s on the front panel? It looks like some sort of photoresist process, with an artistic bent.

  7. hmm not sure if ‘victorian’ is the term either perhaps ‘industrial revolution’ is a better term as this depicts the styles from the c18 to c19 and wasnt exclusive to queen victoria’s reign.

    The machine itself is a joyful brass etching that is a true delight. Would love to touch it.

  8. Wow, you elite-fags. Just because it’s hosted on Myspace it does not change the fact that he has made this piece of uhh….idk? Instead of looking at where it’s hosted, you could have just appreciated his efforts.

    By the way, the page looks like a default. Unless NoScript saved me.

  9. Awesome work, too bad the guy knows nothing about the internet.

    Get off of baby-space, get a real website instead of that crap if you are that skilled.

    Also stop linking skilled people doing victorian hacks with the loser group that is steampunk. It really hurts the credibility of builder and hackers when you lump them with costumed wannabe’s.

  10. Hey – I dig the Steampunk thang.

    Tell ya what, Victorian style is way classier than much of what the recent decades have offered (with the exception of Art Deco). And if you don’t believe that, then you either didn’t grow up in the 70’s having to wear plaid, or you’re one of those hiphop kids with fatman’s pants.

  11. Good shot agent420

    Ok people, we get it. Myspace stinks and people who has great dexterity does not always have good programming skills. Now that this is out of the way, can we please stop whining and start commenting.

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